Hyvä for Ukraine

Hyvä for Ukraine

Ten percent of Hyvä license fees going to Ukraine

Hyvä is donating 10% of all of its license proceedings to support Ukraine for the forseeable future.

Today, we donated 10% of the January and February licence revenue to the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, a fund initiated amongst others by Roy Rubin, one of the founders of Magento. We'll continue to donate on a monthly basis.

If you buy a license with Hyvä today, 10 percent of the license fee will go to a charity of our choosing to support Ukraine. We will determine each month where our donation will have the strongest impact.

If you bought a license with us earlier this year, you have effectively supported Ukraine. 

The choice of charity

We chose the Ukrainian Leadership Academy because they are operating within Ukraine, bringing hard-needed humanitarian aid to people, delivering food and medical supplies.

There are many (great) initialives collecting and transporting goods to Ukraine, but we have seen the amount of donations are currently larger the capacity to handle the logistics at the borders.

Donating money directly is also supposedly less effective, because the supply lines within Ukraine are distrupted and warehouses are empty. 

Another factor why we chose this charity is because Roy Rubin is personally matching any donations, so each Euro we give counts twice as much.

You can visit the Ukrainian Leadership Academy here.

Forthgoing we'll evaluate each month what charity is the most effective to donate to. Suggestions are very welcome.

Business, but not as usual

All around us we know companies that have close relationships with Ukraine, and many of our customers are directly affected by the war, through their co-workers, friends and their families. We are hopeful, because we've already seen a lot of people and companies giving support, and we've seen the Ukrainian people are truly remarkable.

Watching a war happen in real time through social media and news leaves us feeling helpless and powerless. Especially when we see people suffering who we know through the Magento community and have learned to hold dear.

We feel heavily conflicted about doing social media outreach, to celebrate our "daily wins" or to promote Hyvä, so we've held back on marketing in the past weeks.

However, we've realised that doesn't help anyone. We need to continue somehow. Because if we let our work slip, our businesses will suffer. And that will limit our ability to help.

Many Ukrainian developers work in the Magento ecosystem. We owe it to them to keep up the spirit and "keep our ecosystem alive".

So that when things begin to go back to normal and our Ukrainian friends are able to get back to living a peaceful life, that work is still there, waiting for them.


Instead of falling into the trap of morbid social media doom-scrolling, let's "put our shoulders to the wheel" and give it our best. And by doing that, help support Ukraine.

Right now, the best way we can do that is to give financial support. And for that, we have to work.


We Stand With Ukraine

We strongly condemn the russian regime.

We stand with Ukraine and we hope to be able to make a difference, to raise awareness and to set an example.