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Hyva has been a lifesaver for our clients which are facing performance issues. Hyva helped us by building new features and fixing the frontend of client’s website in less time while also making it faster. The support they offer is also great, when we run into issues, they help us find solutions until we are back on track.
Vijay Golani
Vijay Golani
CEO Evrig
Hyva Themes is the frontend Magento 2 should have always had. It simplifies frontend development and makes delivering on merchants custom requirements a lot easier. For us as a specialist Magento 2 agency it’s been a game changer! I believe that in 5 years time, all Magento merchants will be using Hyva Themes!
Ryan Copeland
Ryan Copeland
CEO Foundation Commerce
Frontend development in a Hyvä theme is fun: it's super easy, amazingly fast and everything is in one place.
Maria Kern
Maria Kern
Senior Frontend Architect netz98
Best part about Hyvä is its capabilities of delivering a better store performance on Magento. The learning curve for developers has been very small & integration / developing custom functionalities with Hyvä has been easy and quicker done than with Luma.
Piyush Lathiya
Piyush Lathiya
CEO/Founder Aureate Labs

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