Hyvä Checkout

Available for Hyvä Themes licensees
Hyvä Checkout
One-time fee
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    One year support + updates included
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    Valid for one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains and storeviews.
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    Requires a Hyvä Theme license (for now).
Support and Update plans
€250 yearly, starting the second year
All-in bundle
€1,000 one-off for five years
What you'll get
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    Access to the Hyvä Checkout code via Private Packagist
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    Frequent updates with new features and integrations
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    Support and community access on our private Slack
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    Online documentation
Hyvä Checkout

Why Checkout?

Checkout conversion rate dictates whether your eCommerce investments turn into gold or to waste. It is the last step that can turn a visitor into a customer… or not.
Did you know that better design drives 35%1 uplift in checkout conversion?
Speed, form complexity and not seeing order total upfront are the top drivers for cart abandonment and who is best placed than Hyvä to fix those frontend issues?
hyva checkout logo

Checkout is the biggest pain point of any online store. To solve this, we combined best practices and insights from the industry with our successful technology to make it easier for everyone:

a shopping cart icon

...can breeze through a fast, frictionless and intuitive Checkout experience.

Tests show 13 times faster load time on mobile devices 2, compared to standard Magento checkout!

a sales funnel icon

...improve their checkout conversion and get more sales without increasing their marketing and advertising spend. The ROI is fast and profits soar.

a raster with geometric shapes

...love the simplicity of the Hyvä Checkout. It is now multitudes faster to customize Magento Checkout and create variations to A/B test and further optimize checkout conversion.

Bar Display Checkout Showcase

Barr Display

Barr Display is a B2B retailer based in the US with 9 physical stores/ showrooms.

+20% AOV
-30% Cart abandonment
+16% Revenue

Hyvä Checkout made it possible to match our business requirement and resulted in + 20% in AOV, -30% in abandonment rate and + 16% in revenue.

Julia Prestia
Sales & Marketing Manager at Barr Display
Julia Prestia - Barr Display
Checkout the demo

Checkout… the demo

Play around with the Hyvä Checkout frontend demo and see how comfortable the experience can be for online shoppers.
Try the demo
Hyvä Checkout integrations


Hyvä Checkout supports the most popular payment methods such as PayPal, Braintree, Payplug, Stripe, Mollie and Adyen. And we keep adding integrations to meet your needs together with our partners.

Check the list of Payments and Shipping methods that are fully compatible with Hyvä Checkout or soon to be:

SDS London Checkout Showcase

SDS London

SDS London have been Architectural Ironmongery
specialists since 1986.

+28% Conversion rate
+61% Revenue

Less than a year from replatforming onto Magento 2, SDS London Ltd have gone live with Hyvä Checkout that only took a few days to configure. 

Four months later we tracked an increase of 28% in conversion rate and 61% in revenue. Can’t be happier.

Simon Ayers
Sales Director SDS London
Simon Ayers - SDS London

Features and Compatibility

For now, Hyvä Checkout is only compatible with websites built with Hyvä Themes frontend and does not support 100% of B2B and Adobe Commerce specific features yet.

Frequently asked questions

Which extensions are compatible?

Since our checkout is built from scratch, using technologies like Magewire, AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS, standard Magento integrations (in most cases) do not work out of the box. Compatibility for our Checkout will need to be added.

Luckily, we have an amazing community and ecosystem around our products that is adapting to our technology stack at a rapid pace.

You can find a list of currently supported checkout integrations on our documentation site: Hyvä Checkout Payment integrations, Hyvä Checkout Shipping integrations and Hyvä Checkout community supported integrations

We also keep track of demand and progress of integrations in this public Checkout Integration Tracker. Don’t see your preferred integration listed? Please add it to the board!

How many domains/stores can I use a Checkout license for?

You may use the Checkout on 1 (one) Magento installation per license, with unlimited storeviews/domains, as long as they belong to the same business entity. Additionally you may use it on non-production environments for development/testing purposes.

If you wish to use the Checkout for a multivendor/SaaS/PaaS solution, please contact us for custom licensing.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer evaluation access to Hyvä Themes products.

If you're an agency looking to get started with Hyvä the best way is to purchase a license for internal testing and transfer that license to an actual customer when you decide to build a shop with it.

We have a 30-day money-back policy in case it turns out Hyvä is not a fit. Read the full licensing terms.

Once you've got your license you'll have access to the code, documentation and the Slack community where you can ask any questions to the Hyvä Team and 3500+ members.

I bought your Theme, why is the Checkout a separate product?

Checkout has always been the most complex and daunting area of Magento. We took on the challenge to craft the ultimate tool for developers to build custom checkout experiences. On top of that, we've managed to keep loading times multitudes lower than standard Magento Checkouts.

The Hyvä Checkout comes with our famous Slack support and continuous efforts from our end to add new features and integrations, offering the best value for your online stores.

By reducing your development hours for customizations, adding sane out-of-the-box configuration options and by drastically improving your conversion rates buying this product should be a no-brainer.

What is the difference between this Hyvä Checkout and Hyvä React Checkout?

React Checkout for Hyvä Themes is a community-owned open-source initiative available for free on github. The technology is different, based on React as its name indicates.

Hyvä Checkout is a commercial product based on Magewire, a PHP-based technology, that will feel familiar and easy to work with for Magento developers.

The cost associated with it reflects the research and development effort we’ve put in as well as continuous improvements that our dedicated in-house team is committed to making to meet the needs of your or your client’s business.

Is Hyvä Checkout Adobe Commerce compatible?

Yes, we're building Adobe Commerce feature coverage as part of our Hyvä Enterprise offering. If you buy both Hyvä Enterprise and our Checkout, you can make use of the Adobe Commerce features. Please note: we haven't covered all Adobe Commerce features yet! For an overview of the currently supported features, please look at the Enterprise specific Checkout Feature Matrix.

Please note: You -can- use our Theme and Checkout in combination with Adobe Commerce without buying our Hyvä Enterprise offering, as long as you don't need the Adobe Commerce specific features.

Learn more about our Hyvä Enterprise plans.

How can I pay?

After you place an order with us, we'll quickly check your order information and send you an invoice with online and offline payment options.

You can choose to pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, SOFORT (DE), iDeal (NL), Bancontact (BE), KBC (BE) or by Bank Transfer.

Please note that Bank Transfers might take several days to process and we only process licenses after payment is confirmed on our end.

Why do you charge for Support and Updates for Hyvä Checkout and not Themes?

In fact, we should also charge our updates to Hyvä Themes! We decided that given the enthusiasm and adoption of our first product, we thought it’s more important to keep it as is and make the Community happy as opposed to making some extra bucks.

For Checkout, the frequency and quality of our updates will be much more impactful. From a merchant point of view, a fraction of a point uplift in conversion rate already pays back the €250 yearly fee and for us, it allows us to invest more resources to make sure we offer the absolute best Checkout product out there.

What happens if I don’t pay for Support and Updates?

You will still have access to the version of Hyvä Checkout that was available up to 12 months after you made your purchase. Then, if your Support and Update Plan stops being valid, you will not have access to later versions.

How do I report a bug or request an essential integration or feature?

Your feedback is greatly valued. Whether you are suggesting new features or reporting an issue, you will be invited to our dedicated Hyvä Checkout Slack channel where the greatest will be happy to help.

If you want to suggest new integrations or influence their priority in our roadmap, please use our Checkout Integration Tracker.

Accessibility: is Hyvä Checkout compliant with WCAG AA requirement?

With Hyvä Theme Accessibility release, our Theme can help your online store meet a high level of WCAG compliance.

Checkout is next on our roadmap. The same team of experts from Snowdog agency are providing knowledge and support to make it happen for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

Subscribe to our newsletter (on the footer of this page) to get notified when the Accessibility Release for Hyvä Checkout is available. Please note, it will be included in your Support and Update Plan.

As an agency, can I use one Support and Update Plan for all my clients?

No! Each plan is linked to a license and each of your clients has a separate license.

Can I get a discount (PPP)?

We work with PPP discounts on one-time purchases to make Hyvä more accessible to countries with lower valued currencies. Hyvä Checkout support is a subscription product. This means we only offer PPP discount for Hyvä the one-time purchase fee for the Checkout. PPP discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. You can read more on our PPP Discount page.

We don't offer tier-based discounts or discounts for partners. We may occasionally work with promotional discounts though, for which you might want to subscribe to our newsletter or social channels.

Powered by Magewire

Hyvä Checkout is built with Magewire, which is foremost a PHP driven technology. The Hyvä Magewire Checkout offers a brand new checkout experience built upon the success and core values of the Hyvä theme.

Magewire moves most logic to backend, where Magento developers feel most comfortable. It works with Classes, DI, layout XML.. all the good stuff that Magento comes with.

You can still use JavaScript on the frontend, but you hardly need to!

hyvaicons/magewire Magewire Github