Hyvä Checkout

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A big frustration for many Magento developers is checkout: Any e-commerce specialist will tell you that typical checkout customizations take days to develop and require hundreds of lines of code. Besides that, checkout performance is usually the pain point in a shop, causing many visitors to buy less or even abandon their carts.

As you know, Hyvä Themes is primarily designed to make a developer’s life easier, reducing complexity and greatly improving frontend performance. So it made sense that after successfully fixing performance and reducing complexity with Hyvä Themes, we decided to take on the next big challenge in e-commerce development: the checkout.

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Look ma, no JavaScript!

Powered by Magewire.

Hyvä Checkout is built with Magewire, which is foremost a PHP driven technology. The Hyvä Magewire Checkout offers a brand new checkout experience built upon the success and core values of the Hyvä theme.

Magewire moves most logic to backend, where Magento developers feel most comfortable. It works with Classes, DI, layout XML.. all the good stuff that Magento comes with.

You can still use JavaScript on the frontend, but you hardly need to!

Built the Hyvä way

Hyvä Simplicity

We've built this checkout in collaboration with OneStepCheckout.com, bringing 10+ years of experience right into this product.

Our goal with this checkout was to stay as closely as possible to the core of Magento, while using modern techniques such as Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS and Magewire PHP.

Paired with a huge array of utilities, we've tried to bring simplicity and fun back to the checkout!

Other checkout options

Powerful and free

React Checkout.

If you need maximum freedom in developing your checkout, and you want to build it with React and GraphQL, the React Checkout might be the best solution for you.

The React checkout is Open Source and free, you can download the code through Github or Packagist.

Please note that the React checkout requires advanced JavaScript/React knowledge.

Works with existing integrations

Luma Fallback Checkouts.

You can use any standard Magento Checkout with Hyvä Themes, by falling back to a Luma based template.

This does mean that you need to do additional styling for that checkout the "traditional way", but it also means you can keep using any existing checkout integrations like shipping and payment.