Hyvä UI

Soon(ish) available!

We're working on a component library (much like tailwindui.com) that offers out-of-the-box elements to be used in your Hyvä Theme.

All elements are meticulously designed and carefully crafted and are fully functional.

Opposed to Tailwind UI (which only includes non-functional elements), we're building in all user-interactions and backend functionalities so that it immediately works when you copy and paste it into your Theme.

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It's easy
Copy, paste, done.
The Hyvä UI components are fully functional PHTML files, ready for implementation. Copy and paste the code and you’re good to go.
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Hyvä UI is a library with ready to use, copy-paste elements you can use in your Hyvä Theme.
Coming soon
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Sneak peek
Start today.
Existing Hyvä customers can already access our Mega Menu components on our Gitlab.
Hyvä UI on Gitlab
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Customize to your liking
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Use Tailwind CSS to style and adjust any component to make sure it adheres to the style you need for your project.
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Size matters
Our components are optimized for viewports of any size, ensuring your Hyvä Theme will look awesome on any touchpoint.