Hyvä UI

Included for free
With the Hyvä Theme license
Hyvä Enterprise - Adobe Commerce B2B and Sensei support
Build Hyvä shops faster than ever before!
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    Use prebuilt components to quickly launch your Hyvä store
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    Have a fully functional, performant store in less than a week1
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    Cut down development costs drastically
What you get
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    Access to the components code
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    All components in a Figma design system
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    Direct Support via our Slack
Benefit now and in the future
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    Build your theme using Hyvä UI
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    Use CMS components to continuously add content
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    Gradually improve with new components coming out regularly (free updates)
Included with the Hyvä Themes License
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    Hyvä UI is included FOR FREE in every Hyvä Themes license!
1 Subject to change according to your agency’s availability and your wishes.

Why Hyvä UI?

The Hyvä UI library consists of a growing number of prebuilt, ready-to-use components that are compatible with Hyvä Themes. This makes developing in Hyvä even faster, easier and more fun than it already was: with Hyvä UI, you’ll be able to completely build new Magento 2 stores in no time!
All elements are meticulously designed, carefully crafted and are fully functional. We’ve built in all user-interactions and backend functionalities so that it immediately works when you copy and paste it into your Theme. Moreover, we provide you with a Figma file so you can easily style and design the elements to your wishes. Save time and money with Hyvä UI!
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Unleash the full potential of our UI component library.

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Save time and money on developing your Magento 2 webshop, and go to market faster than ever before.

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Develop more online stores than you’ve ever done before with the team you have, keep your developers happy and spend your resources wisely.

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Focus on what you do best and skip repetitive tasks with elements that are already fully functional to start with.

Screenshots of Hyvä UI components laid out diagonally

Explore the components in downloadable PDF.

Screenshot of the Figma file

Comes with a Figma file

Designing your online store has never been easier or more efficient. You can seamlessly integrate our sleek and user-friendly UI components into your Figma design workflow, saving you valuable time and ensuring a visually stunning and cohesive ecommerce storefront.

Now publicly accessible via Figma Community!