Hyvä Accessibility Release

Hyvä Accessibility Release

Improve your WCAG level compliance with Hyvä

After working for months on Accessibility, we are now delighted and proud to announce that Hyvä Themes can help merchants be more compliant with Accessibility standards and requirements.

Major Hyvä Product Release

Release 1.3.0 of the Hyvä Default Theme and the Hyvä Theme Module includes dozens of major improvements aiming directly at reaching good WCAG level compliance. 

Those improvements would not have been possible without the strong commitment, support,  expertise and diligent work of our agency partner Snowdog.

Big shout out to Anna Karon and her team who taught us so much on the subject and made this project successful and enjoyable too.

This release comes with new documentation on accessibility and extensive upgrade notes.

Why Accessibility should be a priority

Still unsure about how important and urgent Accessibility is for your business? Here is information highlighting why it’s a quick win and how to get started:

We hope this release will raise the bar for all Hyvä projects to be more accessible and future-proof.


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