Purchasing Power Parity Discount

We work with Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) discounts for countries with currencies that are substancially under-valued compared to the Euro.


What is PPP?

According to Wikipedia: "Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is the measurement of prices in different countries that uses the prices of specific goods to compare the absolute purchasing power of the countries' currencies. In many cases PPP produces an inflation rate that is equal to the price of the basket of goods at one location divided by the price of the basket of goods at a different location. The PPP inflation and exchange rate may differ from the market exchange rate because of poverty, tariffs, and other transaction costs."

We use PPP to offer equal chances globally for anyone to purchase Hyvä products for a fair price. So if you are living in an economy with a substantially lower valued currency (at least 20% to the Euro according to the Big Mac index), we may adjust our prices on request, to make the investment equally high considering your local economy.


Big Mac Index

To calculate PPP discounts, we use the Big Mac index as provided at economist.com/big-mac-index, with the Euro as base currency. We round the value up or down to our convenience.


PPP License Limitations

PPP discounts only apply to one-off purchases (Hyvä Theme and Checkout). Subscriptions are not subject to PPP discounts (Support and Update plans for Checkout and Enterprise licenses are excluded).

A license purchased with PPP discount is only valid for a business located in destined country. We verify the business address when the order is placed and only accept confirmed businesses.

If you are an agency and want to use PPP discount, the discounted license can only be used for internal usage or production websites that are owned by a company in the same country. A license can be upgraded to a full license after evaluation though. So you can upgrade the license before transferring the license to a client/merchant.

Hyvä Themes has the right to decline a request for PPP discount. No rights can be claimed for discount. PPP discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.


How to apply

Please request a PPP discount code through our contact form. Every PPP discount code is unique and can only be used once, but you may apply multiple times for discount.