Ukraine Update April

Ukraine Update April

Hyvä for Ukraine - over €17.000 donated so far

As a continuation of our support campaign to the Ukrainian people, we've made another donation to The Skycamp refugee shelter in Poland, ran by Marta Molińska.

That puts the total amount of donations this year, so far to a little over 17.000 euros. 

We've written more about the Skycamp shelter last month, so please revisit that post if you'd like to learn more about it.

You can still follow Marta on any of these channels: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We're continuing to support Ukraine both in spirit and in donations.


Stay with Ukraine

As hard as it is, let's not look away. Stay vigilant and show your support to Ukrainians in these aweful times. If you can, show your support by speaking up, by hiring Ukranains and by making donations if you can.

You can check to find more ways to support Ukraine, or you could consider The Skycamp shelter, like us: PayPal transfer to, or contact Marta directly for banking details.


Please also consider hiring the Ukrainian Agencies working with Hyvä at top of our suppliers page. Please reach out if we can help you with this.



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