Adobe Summit Unpacked & Hyvä B2B

Adobe Summit Unpacked & Hyvä B2B

A Milestone for Hyvä: B2B Commerce 

Just a week before stepping into the magic of Adobe Summit 2024, we marked a significant milestone: B2B for Hyvä Theme entered GA (General Availability) with its 1.0.0 release! All features, including company accounts, credit limits, purchase orders, requisition lists, quoting and quick orders are feature complete and fully stable. 

This announcement not only fueled so many conversations for us at Summit, it also aligned perfectly with Adobe’s spotlight on experience-led, data-powered, and tech-enabled commerce. Hyvä Enterprise is not just ready, but thriving, and provides compatibility for merchants with Adobe Commerce, the B2B suite and Sensei services for Hyvä Themes and Hyvä Checkout.

More details (release notes and upgrade guide) will follow soon.

Unpacking Adobe Summit 2024

My overall takeaway is that the eCommerce space is still thriving and between Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source and complimentary solutions like ours at Hyvä , there are plenty of solid options for merchants from SMBs up to and including global enterprises

John Hughes
VP Product
John Hughes, VP Product

Our VP Product, John, certainly came back with a suitcase full of insights from Vegas and it’s been wonderful to catch up with him to unpack it all.

Adobe Commerce Roadmap Announcements

New Storefront Innovations

Adobe announced tools for creating more dynamic and responsive storefronts, stating performance and user experience improvements when used in tandem:

  • Commerce Dropins: Micro-frontend components designed to enhance the UI.
  • Edge Delivery Services (EDS): A feature of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) aimed at leveraging Adobe's global infrastructure for faster site delivery.
  • Document Based Authoring: An integration allowing the use of standard documents to manage site structure, navigation, and content.

Enhanced B2B Functionality on the Horizon

Due in June 2024, the upcoming enhancements in Adobe’s B2B suite include improved company account management and quote system capabilities. These upgrades are set to provide a more flexible and user-friendly environment for B2B commerce, emphasising customisation and efficiency.

Advancements in Payment Services

Enhanced Adobe Payment Services with better GraphQL support and more pricing options are not just for Commerce merchants and they will also come bundled with Magento Open Source, starting from the 2.4.7 release. Support for Google Pay and B2B L2/L3 is coming later this year.

Integration and Backend Solutions

Partnerships with IBM Sterling for order management and enhancements in Adobe's API ecosystem show Adobe Commerce's shift towards a more integrated and versatile platform. The introduction of App Builder and API Mesh emphasises backend solutions and external system integrations, marking a move towards more flexible, SaaS-based services.

Data, AI, and Everything Nice

Adobe is paving the way for a data-driven future with a focus on AI and machine learning. By integrating with Adobe Experience Platform and employing AI for content creation and asset management directly from the Magento admin, Adobe is setting the stage for significant advancements in eCommerce intelligence and personalisation. 

Innovations like Firefly’s new reference image features and GenStudio are set to revolutionise how brands engage with customers, offering unprecedented levels of customisation and efficiency.

Compliance Updates

Adobe Commerce Cloud's new HIPPA compliance makes it a viable solution for US healthcare companies.

A Hyvä shoutout from Nestlé Purina

We use Adobe Commerce templated inheritance structure and we use Hyvä as our frontend, so we’re able to spin up sites within 6-8 weeks

Ben Robie
Nestlé Purina
Ben Robie, Nestlé Purina

One of the standout talks at the Adobe Summit showcased a real-world application of Adobe Commerce's transformative capabilities in shaping the direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy of a global brand. Surya Lamech, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, and Ben Robie, Senior Technical Manager, D2C, at Nestlé Purina, took the stage to delve into Purina’s journey towards building a composable commerce platform that aligns with its ambitious D2C growth goals.

The Heart of Adobe Summit: Connections

At the core of our industry lies an incredible community and Summit was a wonderful opportunity to connect with agencies such as Vaimo, Phoenix Media, Basecom, Lemundo, TechDivision, Bemeir and tech partners such as Stripe, and our Adobe contacts. The connections made, stories shared, and the collective enthusiasm for what’s next—these are what truly drive us forward.

We greatly appreciate the love and support for Hyvä within the Magento & Adobe Commerce community.

Through The Community Lens

Beyond the tech, it’s the people that bring life to these events. So many of our community members shared their key takeaways, and gave us home-birds a view of the vibes at the event. 

  • Ed Kennedy, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, shared lots of wonderful videos and photos from the event. He filled up his Adobe Summit with key moments: from yoga to customer meetings and major announcements. Highlights included unveiling EDS, new B2B commerce features, ERP connectors, and insights from Unilever on product-led thinking. Ed's summary reinforced that technology and innovation are deeply human endeavours, enriched by collaboration and community.
  • Oleksandr Lyzun, Magento Team Lead at comwrap, shared a video overview of Edge Delivery Services (EDS), complemented by resources and examples from Adobe and GitHub; the integration of the Customer Data Platform (CDP); the integration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM); the anticipated B2B 1.5.0; as well as the Luma Bridge by Atwix.
  • Jennifer Lozano, Marketing Specialist at ShipperHQ, shared her experience at Adobe Summit, where their booth, featuring a highly talked-about giveaway (which was "not a flamethrower"), became the main talking point on “igniting change in eCommerce shipping”. The event was kicked off with the memorable Adobe Commerce pre-party, presented by ShipperHQ and the Magento Association with loads of amazing sponsors. She also gave great insights  on the strategic shift in Adobe’s vision for integrated commerce services.
  • Torben Höhn of basecom GmbH & Co. KG was impressed by the prioritisation of Adobe Commerce and its new functionalities. His highlights included the practical demonstration of App Builder capabilities, the expansion of Edge Delivery Services to the commerce domain, exciting B2B functionalities, and the interactive Hands-on Labs that allowed for direct engagement and feedback.
  • Maxine Tremain, Head Of eComm Solutions at GENE, shared Adobe Commerce's new features, networking, and the unforgettable ShipperHQ pre-party. She delved into hands-on sessions with Adobe Target, Analytics, App Builder, and Edge Delivery Services. The Summit Bash, featuring Shaq as DJ, and strategic planning for world domination with Gene & PayPal, made this a memorable second Summit for her.
  • Paul Okhrem from Elogic Commerce mentioned the summit's emphasis on AI and cloud solutions in revolutionising customer experiences and operational efficiency. He noted the potential of AI-powered personalisation to transform customer engagement, the role of Commerce Integration with Edge Delivery Services in enhancing storefront speeds, and the automation of content creation through Adobe GenStudio, alongside the anticipated flexibility offered by composable commerce.
  • Slava Kravchuk, the founder of Atwix, highlighted the summit's focus on Generative AI and the buzz surrounding it. He detailed Atwix's pioneering work with Adobe Commerce and EDS, including the development of a Luma Bridge. Slava also reflected on the community presence at Summit, sharing the importance of networking and community engagement in fostering innovation and growth.
  • Stefan Willkommer, TechDivision GmbH Co-Founder & CEO reflected on an eventful Adobe Summit, sharing insights that Edge Delivery Services will soon power He praised Adobe Commerce for boosting its flexibility, further cementing its leadership in the global commerce platform arena, and GenStudio for transforming AI from a novelty toy into a critical business tool. Beyond technology, he too celebrated the vibrant community spirit that’s driving progress and innovation.
  • Philip Günther, CEO of Lemundo GmbH, shared his insightful Adobe Summit adventures, where he and his colleague Marcus immersed themselves in the latest in Gen-AI, personalisation, and edge delivery services, alongside discussions on governance and security. Extending their journey to Zion National Park, they explored new perspectives through hiking and biking, reflecting on the value of networking, the importance of experiencing innovations firsthand, and the need to streamline internal tools for a unified digital experience. 

These and other key voices from the community echoed the themes of transformation and togetherness (as well as the sheer scale of the event!). Their recaps provided a clear signal that the industry is not just anticipating change, but actively shaping the next era of digital commerce.

This much is clear: we’re a community eager to push the boundaries of what's possible in commerce.

What Does All This Mean for Hyvä and Magento Open Source?

Despite Adobe's shift towards a SaaS-based approach, Magento Open Source remains the cornerstone of the Adobe Commerce ecosystem and we are all well-positioned to leverage these new ideas, tools and features for the benefit of our community and our customers.

John's reflection on the future of Magento Open Source and the monolith really hit the nail on the head for me: 

In summary, Adobe's push for Commerce towards the higher end of the market with their new storefront offerings will be a game changer for merchants in that space, but it has little impact on the majority of the Magento ecosystem, and in my humble opinion, both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce (via the monolith), are still the best solution for the mid-market and have a very bright future.

However, we need to come together as a community - agencies, extension builders, technology vendors, hosting providers and more - to ensure merchants know this too.

John Hughes
VP product
John Hughes, VP Product

I believe the latest developments from Adobe offer exciting opportunities for inspiration and integration within the wider Magento Open Source community and here at Hyvä. 

Diversity of choice is what underscores the vibrant ecosystem we're part of, where innovation, flexibility, and performance join forces to create unparalleled eCommerce experiences. Our role is to ensure that every merchant, regardless of size or scope, understands the full range of possibilities at their disposal.

Final Words (I promise)

If I was to strip this all back to just three words, they would be optimism, opportunity and gratitude. 

It’s clear that the path forward for Magento and Adobe Commerce is being paved with exciting technologies and, as always, an unwavering community spirit. 

Your contributions, experiences, and insights are what make our community truly exceptional - so, let's keep the conversation going.

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