Announcing Hyvä Camp 2022

Announcing Hyvä Camp 2022

The Magento community is part of why we love what we do so much. The idea of a Hyvä conference was with us from the beginning.

We wanted to help create a big event with hundreds of participants with workshops, speakers lots of networking and a big party.


However, because Russia is continuing to wage a war on our Friends in Ukraine, we are not in a celebratory mood.

We do feel like connecting with our Friends, sharing knowledge and coming together, because there is strength in community.


So, we changed our plans and decided to organize an event with our friends at Integer_net on a smaller scale. It will be a unconf/hackathon on 12. + 13. May 2022.

We are excited to see people again in person! There is a cap around the number of participants around 50, and we expect tickets to sell out quickly.

Don't hesitate to get yours if you feel the call to be there!


We have prepared a rich program for both days, offering something interesting for everyone.

Unlike traditional BarCamps (, we have both a predetermined and an open program.


The program for May 12:

  • HyväClasses, which are 2-hour deep-dive sessions on technical topics around Hyvä/Magento, lead by experts on the topic. There will be 4 sessions: Hyvä Fundamentals (Alpine/Tailwind), Magewire, Cypress Testing, Hyvä and performance.
  • CommerceExchange, which is similar to DevExchanges but -you guessed it- not only for developers. These will be round-table discussions on predetermined topic around ecommerce. Think developer training, acquisition, future of Magento, business optimization, upgrading stores, security etc

The program for May 13:

  • Hackathon, which will be open to both experienced and beginning Hyvä developers. Experimenting with new technologies (Magewire anyone?) and having a good time.  There will be no objectives or points to be scored. It's about learning, being inspired and most of all, having fun.
  • BarCamp, a Hyvä styled UnConference where you bring your own topics (and possibly knowledge) to presentations that are mostly improvised. There's no set program, since it's being determined by the attendees. The program will be decided with a voting system on proposed topics. This can be anything from Hyvä development to testing, mental health, Model-Trains or the future of Magento.

In between, there will be plenty of opportunity to socialize, drinking coffee&tea and spending time together in general.


Ticket sales start on March 30 via Eventbright:


The number of tickets is limited, so we're expecting a short time-window to buy a ticket.

We're looking forward to see you there, in person.



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