Announcing: Hyvä Enterprise

Announcing: Hyvä Enterprise

We’re excited to introduce Hyvä Enterprise, our upcoming product that will provide compatibility for all Adobe Commerce features, including the entire B2B suite and Adobe Sensei services (Product Recommendations/Live Search).

Like Hyvä Checkout, this will be an additional paid add-on to the existing Hyvä Theme with an ongoing subscription cost for upgrades and support.

Why a paid upgrade?

We’ve had many requests for Commerce/B2B support from the beginning, but we’ve always prioritized Magento Open Source coverage before moving to Commerce. Meanwhile, many of our partners gracefully started sharing parts of their compatibility modules for Commerce features. These are already used quite widely, even without official support or full coverage.

However, as we’ve seen with compatibility modules for third party extensions as well, community maintained compatibility certainly has its limitations, and official vendor support is usually preferred.

To build out something as important as Enterprise grade compatibility with full coverage and continued updates and support, fully implemented “the Hyvä way”, a dedicated product is needed. As well as a dedicated product team, which we now have.

With the much, much lower volume of Adobe Commerce stores online and the higher amount of updates Adobe pushes to these products compared to Magento Open Source, we can only do this with the quality you’d expect from us when it’s a separate product offering.

So we’re going to have a migration phase where we move from compatibility modules to an official Hyvä Enterprise product, where the current compatibility modules won’t be removed but will be deprecated.

How much will it cost?

Once launched, Hyvä Enterprise will be available via a subscription of €2500 per year.

A subscription purchase includes a license key, access to all the repositories, ongoing support and updates, and covers one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains and store views. A Hyvä Themes license is also required.

Once we feel we have a suitable level of compatibility, we’ll offer an early access program, as we did for Hyvä Checkout, for those that want to get started sooner. This will be available at a reduced rate of €1500 for the first year.

Rollout plan

Firstly, we want to thank all of our partners and agencies for their contributions to Adobe Commerce features up to now. Your collaborative efforts have helped build out our ecosystem and community.

However, it’s now time for us to take ownership of this offering and roll out full support, so the frequent question of “Is this feature supported yet?” becomes a thing of the past.

In order to do this, we have begun to evaluate everything that’s been contributed so far and started to create new packages (repositories) to house the final compatibility modules. We’ll still be welcoming collaboration and contributions, but we’ll be taking full responsibility for the quality and stability of the final product.

No production websites will be harmed in the making…

One of Hyvä’s key commitments is to reduce backward incompatible changes where possible. Therefore, all existing packages in the current Adobe Commerce group in the Hyvä Themes GitLab will soon be deprecated and eventually archived (become read-only), so they will not receive future updates.

We’ve deliberately chosen not to move/remove these repositories as we know many are used and installed on production websites, and we don’t want to impact any of our partners, agencies or merchants by affecting production websites, especially given the majority of this existing code was contributed by you, not us.

New restricted groups in GitLab

For the new packages, we’ve created a new restricted group in our GitLab, with 3 subgroups for each of the 3 offerings: Commerce, B2B and Sensei. Like Hyvä Checkout, these are private, and access on GitLab will only be provided to existing and future contributors (on a per-repository basis via GitLab) and eventually to our Partner agencies.

Production composer packages will only be available with the purchase of a license, once available.

Tracking progress

While the code will be restricted to licensees, partners and contributors, our Hyvä Enterprise Compatibility Tracker is now publicly visible alongside our Theme and Checkout compatibility module trackers.

We’ve recently spent time updating the cards on this board and now have a complete overview of all modules that require compatibility, along with their progress. You can also filter by area (Commerce/B2B/Sensei) as well as whether items require compatibility with the Theme or Checkout.

For B2B modules, we also have a full breakdown of feature coverage by page, which we'll be adding to Sensei and Commerce modules soon.

Follow our journey

If you want to keep up to date on our progress, then keep an eye on the Hyvä Enterprise Compatibility Tracker along with the newly renamed #hyva-enterprise channel on our Slack, where you can also ask us any other questions you might have.


When will it be available?

At Hyvä, we don’t provide deadlines but rather focus on delivering quality output. The packages will be released when they are ready, though as noted above, we will begin with an Early Access offering at a reduced rate for the first year.

In addition, we also now have 2 full-time team members who have been working on this project since July, so we hope to accelerate the pace we can deliver this significantly.

Which packages will be released first?

Our initial focus is on B2B, given it is the most requested, along with Adobe Sensei, given that it is a smaller offering and much of the compatibility work has already been completed. Adobe Commerce features will then be focused on later.

In addition, we are first focusing on support for Hyvä Themes, with Hyvä Checkout coming later, and we have not yet considered how pricing/licensing will work between these 2 paid offerings.

Do I also need a Hyvä Themes license?

Yes, a valid Hyvä Themes license is required, available for a one-time fee of €1000.

Which versions of Adobe Commerce and Hyvä Themes will Hyvä Enterprise support?

We’ll only be supporting the 1.2.x branch line of Hyvä Themes and Adobe Commerce 2.4.4+. However, from past experience, we expect most compatibility modules will work with all of the 2.4.x release line with minimal or no effort required.

This also means that only versions of the B2B Suite, Live Search and Production Recommendations that are compatible with 2.4.4+ are supported. See for the compatibility matrix.

How can I contribute / get involved?

Firstly, determine where you are interested in contributing by seeing what is currently open on the Hyvä Enterprise Compatibility Tracker. Once decided, please reach out in the #hyva-enterprise Slack channel and John, or another Hyvä team member, will help get you started and set up with the relevant access.

What is meant (offered) by ‘taking full responsibility for the quality and stability of the final product’?

Firstly, we’ll be ensuring full feature coverage. While we are very grateful for our contributors' efforts in the past (and still welcome them), most contributions were for a merchant specific use case and only include functionality for what they actually needed. It will take time to add full feature coverage, but in the meantime, we’ll clearly indicate which features are currently supported along with those still to be implemented within the Hyvä Enterprise Compatibility Tracker.

Secondly, we want to ensure all compatibility modules meet our own internal coding standards and guidelines, including our ethos of building swappable components that are easy to maintain and understand. We also plan to have test coverage for the key customer journeys (i.e. frontend/functional tests) within each module to help minimise the risk of future updates inadvertently breaking things.

Finally, we want to ensure the accessibility (WCAG compliance) efforts being made to our theme (thanks to our partner Snowdog) will also be applied to these offerings. However, this will take further time and will likely not be included in our initial release.

If packages are being duplicated in new groups, won’t there be composer naming conflicts?

There would, yes, but we’ve decided to rename all the new Enterprise packages to prefix their project names with `magento2-ee-` so there will be no collisions. This will also help to identify ‘officially supported’ packages that are part of the Hyvä Enterprise product.