Business 2022 review and 2023 outlook

Business 2022 review and 2023 outlook

Look back at 2022: we reached the inflection point

2022 was our second year of existence, and a big one for us. 

We reached our first million revenue, 1000th license ordered and our growth has been phenomenal:

  • Over 400 agencies (+40% YoY) who recommend us to their clients, build amazing Hyvä websites, and contribute to make Hyvä There more extensible and compatible with more third party solutions everyday
  • 2,822+ developers on Slack (+ 90% YoY)
  • 250+ compatible extensions
  • 8 employees (+ 100% YoY)

We attended 8 events in person in many great cities including London, New York and Madrid. And we gave over 20 talks both online and in person. Everywhere we went, we could feel the excitement about how our Product changes developers' lives and how our team is appreciated and invited to come back for more fun and good vibes. Read more about our shenanigans.

As a result, we are experiencing the inflection point of a hockey stick growth that characterizes startups who found their market niche with positive market conditions, as shown in this graph provided by Builtwith (and therefore to be taken with a pinch of salt)

This year, we also got a lot more high profile brands and large corporations adopting Hyvä including:

  •, part of the Grafton Group (LON: GFTU)
  •, part of an American healthcare group listed on the Nasdaq
  •, subsidiary of Japanese Citizen group (TYO: 7762), read the case study by Foundation Commerce
  •, among the top 100 Belgian companies
  • (228 stores in France)
  •,  German pet food brand sold in 45 countries, read the case study by Netz98

We loved the fact that we could help out SMBs and family businesses drastically improve their website experience, performance, SEO ranking and conversion for half the expected budget. With more Enterprise clients on Adobe Commerce choosing our technology, we are comforted in the game changing nature of our approach. For them, Hyvä is low risk, it pays back in no time, the business case is obvious.

What to expect in 2023? More of everything you love…

More events

Because it is so important for us to be out there on the field meeting with you agencies, developers, extension vendors, solution, payment and hosting providers, everyone from the Magento ecosystem and beyond, events are definitely something we will continue.

We’ll try to do more, be more efficient and plan ahead. We’ll also be more on stage. In addition to Willem Wigman rocking the stage in the Technical track, we are now ramping up Customer Success stories with agencies and merchants sharing what Hyvä helped them achieve.

Sanne Bolkenstein our Commercial director on stage with Arron Moss from Agency Zero1 and Julia Prestia from Barr Display, a Florida based company selling equipment to retail stores. Sanne Bolkenstein our Commercial director on stage with Arron Moss from Agency Zero1 and Julia Prestia from Barr Display, a Florida based company selling equipment to retail stores.
Sanne Bolkenstein our Commercial director on stage with Arron Moss from Agency Zero1 and Julia Prestia from Barr Display, a Florida based company selling equipment to retail stores.

We can also join remotely like we did with Meet Magento India when we couldn't travel there.

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More Hyvä Products

With the success of Hyvä Themes, we were asked to help all the way to the bottom of the online sales funnel, namely Checkout. It doesn’t make sense to provide such a great experience that brings new visitors to your website, get them quickly through all the pages they want but then slow them down with a clunky, bloated checkout page that takes several seconds to load!

After a successful beta program, we have just released Early Access while we are still ramping up compatibility with the most popular payment and shipping providers. We even hired Anton Siniorg,  the absolute expert in that field to complement Willem Poortman’s brilliant work on Magewire and Hyvä Checkout.

We will not stop there and are aiming to launch a couple more updates this year, including

  • UI Components (new product)
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • Adobe Commerce and B2B features

Frank Soeters - our UI and UX guru - has been working behind the scenes on the first two and we can confidently say it’s looking really good. 

Looking good is indeed key to us, the Hyvä brand and Hyvä experience, so no surprise Frank’s been collaborating with Danny Uranka, our talented designer, on our UI Components product but also on the new website we launched in Q4 2022! 

New Brand and more Marketing

Danny is also the secret sauce behind our stylish swag, impactful presentation and brand identity. If you don’t want to get caught by the Hyvä Branding police make sure you follow our style guide!

You might have noticed (or not) that we have subtly shifted from Hyvä Themes, which was our company name as well as the name of our hero product, to “just” Hyvä, as we are launching new products! We’ve also started a nice swag collection with specific drops for each event. Gotta catch’em all!

Talking about our brand, we also strengthened our team with a dedicated person, Thien-Lan Weber (that would be me), who can support agencies with specific marketing activities such as case studies, marketing material to pitch to their clients etc… We now have more bandwidth to act on your ideas to grow your business with us!

More of Vinai

Everyone wants a piece of Vinai.

He’s been busy. He is acting as CTO, CIO but also business partner of Hyvä. His big project for the second half of this year is Hyvä Certification. Yes, you heard it!

In addition, he’s been leading the Mage-OS initiative, as the President of the Association’s Board of Directors but also as the driving force behind all the technical magic happening on the product. The whole idea behind this Community driven project is to ensure that Magento Open Source is future proof and gets even better, stronger and faster.

Are you excited?

Now that we’ve taken a step back to review all that has happened last year and all the projects that we have in the pipeline, we can take a bit of pride and be excited about the momentum we've built so far. 

Our key challenge is to preserve our team members as we know how overworking and burn out can affect both your work and you as a person. But we think we are doing pretty good in that area, we pay attention to our team and look for things that give us energy, like interacting with our Hyvä Community: YOU!

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