Checkout Support for Hyvä Enterprise | First Release

Checkout Support for Hyvä Enterprise | First Release

Following on from the Early Access release of Hyvä Enterprise last October with initial feature support for Hyvä Themes, we’re thrilled to announce our first release of Hyvä Enterprise to support Hyvä Checkout.

Hyvä Enterprise is our product offering that provides compatibility with Adobe Commerce, B2B and Sensei (Live Search and Product Recommendations), and now that we have near full compatibility for our theme, checkout was the next logical step.

Initial checkout launch

Our first release focuses on multiple areas of feature support. For Adobe Commerce, this includes Gift Wrapping, Reward Points and Store Credit. While for B2B, we’ve added Company Credit payment support.

All features extend their already completed compatibility with Hyvä Themes to the checkout, completing the full storefront customer journey, and are available now to merchants with Hyvä Enterprise license (and Hyvä Themes and Hyvä Checkout licenses).

Reward Points

Customers could already earn reward points for their actions on-site, such as creating an account, signing up for the newsletter, leaving a review or simply by placing orders, but now they can apply and redeem their collected points at checkout allowing them to get additional discounts offer their orders and increasing loyalty and repeat purchases.

Store Credit

As with reward points, customers can now apply their credit against orders at checkout to pay for either part or all of their goods, depending on the amount available. Credit can be applied to customers accounts, either by themselves (via a Gift Card - another supported feature in Hyvä Enterprise for Hyvä Themes), or merchants can apply credit to customers via the admin panel, which is a great way to offer goodwill to customers when needed.

Company Credit

For B2B company users, their available credit limit can now be used to pay for orders via the ‘Payment on Account’ method at checkout. Customers can see their available balance at checkout and the feature honours all default Magento functionality, such as either allowing or blocking the company from exceeding their agreed limit and displaying the relevant message to the customer at the checkout.

Gift Wrapping

Merchants can create gift options for customers to select on the page cart at either an item or order level, including the ability to set custom pricing and offer different designs, as well as include a printed card or receipt. These selections are now correctly displayed in the order totals in the checkout summary panel, ensuring clarity over the final costs involved.

Coming soon

With our initial launch complete, we’re busy working away on the remaining features for checkout, including the ability to redeem gift cards, utilise custom address attributes in the shipping and billing forms and support the negotiable quote and purchase order workflows for B2B company users.

In addition to feature compatibility we’re also looking into future extensibility for agencies/developers to allow easy customisation of the checkout layout, steps and included components for when a B2B company user is in the checkout (without impacting regular and guest customers).

If you want to keep in the loop on our progress for everything related to Hyvä Enterprise, you can follow our progress on the #hyva-enterprise channel on our Slack.


Why do you need Hyvä Checkout?

Hyvä Checkout reimagines the checkout to create an experience that is not only more intuitive but 13 times faster than the default Magento checkout, reducing friction and increasing conversion and revenue without increasing marketing and ad spend.

In addition, Hyvä Checkout is much easier for developers to extend and customise, reducing development costs and time significantly. And, along with Enterprise support, Hyvä Checkout is for production usage thanks to integrations with key payment and shipping providers.

On the payments side, Hyvä Checkout supports PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Adyen, Braintree, MultiSafepay and more, while on the shipping side, we have compatibility with, ShipperHQ and the popular Amasty Shipping extensions. More integrations are currently in development.

Find out more about our supported and upcoming payment and shipping integrations on our documentation pages.

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Why purchase Hyvä Enterprise?

A license for Hyvä Enterprise not only provides you with checkout support, but also for Hyvä Themes too. We’ve made great progress since our early access release last year and now have near complete coverage of all Adobe Commerce features, with all key B2B and Sensei areas already feature complete.

AI & Personalisation

Our Adobe Sensei compatibility allows merchants to utilise the AI powered Live Search and Product Recommendation features, which are proven techniques to help boost conversion and revenue, raise order value and increase customer engagement.

Live Search brings lightning fast search to merchants storefronts with the ability to create powerful rulesets to boost/reduce products within results, advanced synonym support to better match multiple phrases to the right product and complete control over the facets (filters) displayed on the search results page.

Product Recommendations allows merchants to place product lists/carousels anywhere across the site (either by dedicated widgets or by using Page Builder) returning personalised results based on customers previous browsing history. This includes, but is not limited to, recently viewed products, customers who viewed/purchased X also viewed/purchased Y, and most popular or high performing (best selling) products.

Powerful B2B Features

Our B2B compatibility covers the entire Adobe Commerce B2B suite, including support for complex company management, with granular user roles, permissions and structure. Merchants can also create custom catalogues for companies restricting the products and categories that are visible and set custom pricing, all the way down to a per product level. Credit limits can be set by admins to provide companies with reduced friction when placing orders.

Users can create requisition lists to create customised collections of products for easy reorder, or make use of the quick order feature to add multiple products to cart from a CSV instantly. Purchase orders and approval rules allow for even more self-managed control over which company users can place orders, up to set limits, and determine who needs to approve.

Finally, for more complex offerings the negotiable quote functionality allows for in-depth discussion and guidance on creating bespoke orders with custom pricing and discounts down line item level.

Adobe Commerce Coverage

We also have great coverage of the most requested Adobe Commerce features. This includes powerful gifting and loyalty features, such as gift cards and wrapping, store credit, reward points and private sale events (with countdown timers, invitations and category/storefront restsrictions).

Personalisation can be introduced via customer segments that allow displaying content tailored to different sections of a merchants customer base, and the ability to add and manage custom attributes for both customers and addresses.

On the merchant side we support key tools to aid site management and customer relations with category visual merchandising to quickly sort and boost product positions, content staging and preview to schedule and test content and pricing updates for upcoming campaigns, offer a full returns solution with RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization), quickly manage product relations (related/upsells/crosssells) via rules and create more complex content areas with CMS page hierarchy that allows for multiple levels, pagination and adding content pages to the main navigation menu.

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