Elasticsuite.io and Hyvä partnership

Elasticsuite.io and Hyvä partnership

We are happy to announce our partnership with ElasticSuite.io, the immensely popular ElasticSearch extension for Magento 2, built by Smile.

ElasticSuite now offers a seamless integration with Hyvä Themes, bringing better search results, better search autocomplete, virtual categories and improved layered navigation filters to your store.

A basic compatibility module for ElasticSuite was initially built by some of our community members (it was actually one of the most popular and most collaborated module already). But having the official support from the ElasticSuite team build out full support for Hyvä is fantastic.


There is a fast growing demand for Hyvä. It brings a far better user experience at all levels making it a solution of choice for e-merchants. As we strive at Elastic Suite to offer the best performance to obtain the most relevant search results and the best possible experience, it was natural to have full Hyvä compatibility rank high in our priority list.

— Romain Ruaud - ElasticSuite.io


ElasticSuite on Hyvä Category listings:

Includes range sliders, multiselect options, virtual categories, manual ranking.

Hyvä ElasticSuite Product Listing Page


ElasticSuite Autocomplete on Hyvä Search Field:

Suggests Products, Categories and Popular Searches, using Enhanced Search Relevance Thesaurus.

Hyvä ElasticSuite Search Autocomplete


ElasticSuite on Hyvä Search Result Pages

Includes range sliders, multiselect attributes, attribute option search, calculated using advanced relevance configurations like alternative spellings, attribute search weight, specific booster rules and much more.

Hyvä ElasticSuite Search Result Page


It's fantastic that all of these features are now available for Hyvä customers.

For more information you can check the ElasticSuite website. If you want to install ElasticSuite on your Hyvä Store, simply follow the standard installation instructions for ElasticSuite. Then install the compatibility module (if you are an existing Hyvä customer) from composer (hyva-themes/magento2-smile-elasticsuite) or via our Gitlab.

If you want to make use of the commercial version of ElasticSuite, please contact their support for the compatibility module for Elastic Suite Premium Edition.


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