Hyvä UI is now available!

Hyvä UI is now available!

Hyvä UI is now available, included with the Hyvä Theme

The day has finally arrived: We've released Hyvä UI. And the best thing about it: it's included with every Hyvä Theme license!

We strongly believe everybody wins when Hyvä sites become better, so we decided not to withhold access from any of our users. So if you own a Hyvä license, you can get started today!


What is the Hyvä UI?

We're glad you're asking! The idea of the UI Library is as old as the Hyvä Theme itself.

It is a library of well-designed, super modular components that can be plugged into your Hyvä Theme by copy-and-pasting files into your project.

We've spent a lot of care on a design system that is included with the library, built in Figma.

The Library currently contains 36 components, but many more are underway. And we'll keep designing and building new ones!

Grid with example UI components

Who is it for?

Well, pretty much anyone working with our products!


As a merchant, you can browse the components in the overview PDF and select which components you'd like to use and hand it over to your designer or developers.


As an agency, you may choose to use the design system to design custom stores and let your developers use the components to quickly implement the design changes. Or maybe you just mix and match whatever components you want to use in your theme and use them straight out of the box.

But, there's more! We've included a bunch of components that you can copy straight into your CMS, using our CMS Tailwind JIT module. This allows you to simply put html with tailwind classes into CMS content and have Tailwind CSS classes be compiled on the fly.

Hyvä UI CMS elements

Example of CMS content elements to create beautiful content pages, right from the Magento admin

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Or watch: Hyvä UI preview video

Watch our recording where we show all the available components and how to use them on your projects: