JC-Electronics - Hyvä Showcase

JC-Electronics - Hyvä Showcase

The first website with the whole Hyvä product suite is live

Merchant and Magento 2 project snapshot

  • jc-electronics.com
  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Selling globally
  • Industry Vertical: Industrial Electronics
  • Business model: B2B

Hyvä project scope and key results

  • 40.000+  SKUs
  • New website launch with:
    • Hyvä Themes:     October 2023
    • Hyvä Enterprise:  December 2023
    • Hyvä Checkout:   January 2024
  • Page loading time improvement:
    • Product Detail Page (PDP) 4,5x faster (from 5,2 seconds to 1,15)
    • Checkout full page load 5.7x faster (from 16,25 seconds to 2,83 seconds)

As the first webshop to go live with all three Hyvä products, we are thrilled with our Magento2 webshop powered by Hyvä! Enhanced user experience and, most importantly, increased efficiency. From now on, we can implement new features faster and more easily because we reduce complexity!

Youwe is an excellent partner for both development and thinking at strategy level. The collaboration enables JC-Electronics to make better decisions and in combination with Hyvä we are now able to execute on the choices made even faster.

Jelle Kingma
eCommerce specialist, JC-Electronics
Jelle Kingma, eCommerce specialist, JC-Electronics
Arjen Miedema
eCommerce developer, JC-Electronics
Arjen Miedema, eCommerce developer, JC-Electronics

From the attic to become a multimillion-dollar electronics company

What began in 2006 with two individuals in an attic has now evolved into a multimillion-dollar company with 280 employees. Based in Leek, Netherlands, JC-Electronics specialises in repairing, refurbishing, selling, and purchasing industrial electronics for global clients. 

Our daily commitment involves maintaining a stock of 300.000 products, delivering quality, providing thoughtful solutions, and going the extra mile. Additionally, we contribute to the circular economy by giving products a second life.

Supplier of industrial electronics to the global manufacturing industry

JC-Electronics supplies electronics for various factories in as diverse verticals as clothing, cars, bicycles, chairs, food and much more. It's a billion-dollar industry. As long as the world population continues to grow, the demand for products from factories will also continue to grow unabated. Our buyers are named employees who are responsible for keeping the production processes running.

Contributing to the Circular Economy 

We see that more and more customers want refurbished industrial electronics in order to contribute to the circular economy. From us they receive top quality refurbished products with a 2-year warranty. The challenge is and remains to find and retain good staff to carry out these activities properly. In addition, the customer wants the products delivered as quickly as possible. With the convenience of the webshop, this is a lot faster than before.

Online as a driver for improved tracking, productivity and incremental sales

A lot of time for our account managers and sales employees was wasted on sending quotes and booking orders. The webshop has taken over a large part of this work. This allows our commercial employees to focus more on helping customers and maintaining good customer relationships. In addition, we are better able to advertise our products and monitor results.

JC-Electronics Hyvä Implementation

Why choose Adobe Commerce combined with Hyvä?

We chose Adobe Commerce because it seamlessly aligns with our needs. B2B functionalities are crucial for us, and we prefer not to rely on extensions with uncertain scalability. Quality is paramount for the refurbished products we deliver. While we may not be the cheapest, this philosophy also extends to our choice of Adobe Commerce.

The known results for Hyvä when it comes to performance, but also the pace in which the development goes, made it an easy decision to move to Hyvä. Some elements that needed to be refactored took only a fraction of the time it took when it was developed in the Luma theme. Of course, some parts were kept (i.e. backend logic), but the whole frontend was a lot easier to develop.

Top challenges?

There are a lot of custom modules in the project which all needed to be integrated into Hyvä. Especially the changes in the Hyvä Checkout were sometimes challenging, also because we wanted to make things both compatible and better implemented. This did take some time and also some creativity to make it fully work with the checkout, but in the end, the logic makes it easier to maintain and extend in the future.

Your approach

We decided to implement Hyvä step by step to keep a close eye on the development. For example, the checkout and the customer account section (including the most important Hyvä Enterprise parts) were kept on our own Luma based theme for a while until all development on the whole section was finished. From that moment on, we migrated those sections store by store. This way, it was easier for us to tackle issues and ensure our customers got the best possible experience.

Preliminary Results of the Hyvä migration

Performance/UX has improved

Luma was really slow and our customers felt that. Availability is very important in our business, and we’re a company that has a lot to offer, so customers are willing to wait for that. But to serve the best experience for our customers, Hyvä is a must-go.

Core Web Vitals are significantly better

On Luma the Google Pagespeed score was for a cached PDP on desktop around 50. On Hyvä this is now around 90 without having delved into further improvements. So better scores to come!

In the meantime, we managed to drastically cut down the page loading times, which is the most noticeable improvement for our end users:

  • 4,5x faster on Product Detail Page (PDP) from 5,217 seconds to 1,149
  • 5.7x faster on Checkout full page load (from 16,25 seconds to 2,83 seconds), which is remarkable and so hard to achieve on Luma


With the European Accessibility Act to come (and enforced from 28th June 2025), Hyvä gives us the possibility to meet the requirements. Without Hyvä, it would be time-consuming and costly to comply with the legislation that will come into effect in 2025, especially for smaller companies like us. We would need to figure out what needs to be improved and find ways to do it. Here, with the latest version of Hyvä Theme, we know that it meets a lot of the requirements out-of-the-box.

Happy developers

Arjen, our in-house developer, is a very experienced Magento and Hyvä developer. Hyvä allows us to quickly deliver new features. With all 3 products released he doesn’t have to maintain 2 different themes. Less complexity = happy developer, which also counts for our implementation partner Youwe.

Key learnings in the process

During development, we also took on a lot of other things to ensure that we did not stand still. This is possible thanks to the fallback. The disadvantage is that the implementation took a little longer, but on the other hand, this allowed continuing adding new developments.


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