Tweakwise and Hyvä partnership

We're happy to announce our partnership with Tweakwise

Tweakwise is an e-commerce add-on that gives you full control over your site search, merchandising, and recommendations. And thanks to the collaboration between Tweakwise and Emico, the Magento 2 integration for Tweakwise is now fully compatible with the Hyvä Theme.

We're very excited about the possibilities Tweakwise offers to our merchants, and luckily Tweakwise thought the same about Hyvä:

Hyvä Themes will grow to one of the leading front-end platforms for Magento 2 on short term. For us, the choice was logical: play into this development! This Hyvä partnership commits us to a smooth integration, complete support of our feature set and optimum support with implementations. We are proud of this integration and look forward to further cooperation.

— Ronald Meeuwissen - Tweakwise Partner Platforms

Tweakwise Tuesday

Last month, Peter Jaap Blaakmeer (Elgentos) and Willem Wigman (Hyvä) were guests at Tweakwise Tuesday Talk, where we talked with Ronald Meeuwissen (Tweakwise) about Hyvä Themes.

We discussed the current state of Hyvä, Magento, the Tweakwise integration and why a merchant should choose for Magento + Hyvä + Tweakwise.


You can find the recording with English subtitles above this article, and directly on YouTube: Tweakwise Tuesday Talk: How Tweakwise integrates with your Hyvä shop (EN subs).


Tweakwise + Hyvä integration

You can read all about the integration, and find screenshots and examples of the integration on the Tweakwise website: Emico Magento 2 Tweakwise compatibility module for Hyvä Themes.

To get started with Tweakwise on Hyvä, you need to install both the original extension for Magento 2 and the compatibility module for Hyvä.

You can find them at Github (Main module and Hyvä compatibility module) or install them via Composer from Packagist:

The composer package names are emico/tweakwise and emico/tweakwise-hyva.


A paid account with Tweakwise is needed to use their services. If you're not a Tweakwise customer yet, you can request a demo here!