Hyvä Documentation is now public

Hyvä Documentation is now public

As announced first at Reacticon October 2021, we have been working on making our documentation site available to the public.

This was less easily said then done, as it turned out, for many technical reasons. We tried out migration - and almost entirely finishing - to other platforms. Then finally, we set on using a static generated documentation file using MKDocs, which were already in use for the public Hyvä React Checkout documentation as well.

The added value MKDocs brings is that we can keep all documentation in our Gitlab environment (allowing for people to contribute/improve the docs) and deploying them to the documentation site as html files.

The result is a super quick documentation site that we can very easily fine-tune to our needs.


There were a couple of things we announced at Reacticon 2021 that were on our roadmap, public documentation being one of them.

Meanwhile we've completed the following things from that roadmap:

Things to expect from us in the near future:

  • Our new website and branding, with more focus on merchant content
  • More news on the Hyvä Magewire Checkout (making great progress)
  • Updates on Hyvä UI elements
  • Status updates on Adobe Commerce features

With our rebranding we landed on a tagline that we think resonates perfectly with the Hyvä philosophy: eCommerce made happy.

And we are determined to make Magento users happy users.


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