Hyvä Themes 1.1.x updates

Hyvä Themes 1.1.x updates

At the time of writing, the current release version is 1.1.7, so a lot has happened since the last update 1.1 we posted.

Hyvä license holders have access to the full Changelog and diff for each release, but with this post I want to summarize what has happened for readers not yet using Hyvä.

It's hard to pick out hightlights from all that has happened, and please keep in mind the following selection is somewhat subjective.


  • The swatches rendering ws greatly improved.
  • Product detail pages have become a lot more modular by allowing section cards to be added via layout XML.
  • PHP ViewModels now can supply cache tags for the full page cache - this greatly reduces the need to create custom block classes.
  • A generic slider template was added that can be used to create custom sliders in themes and compatibility modules.
  • A11Y! A lot accessibility improvements where made.
  • Many theme customizations and modules use modal dialogs. Now Hyvä has configurable modal dialog support so developers don't need to reimplement those dialogs each time.
  • The bin/magento static:conent:deploy command now is a lot faster by skipping the TailwindCSS development files
  • Many bugfixes and tweaks improve the general stability, performance and developer experience.
    Besides the improvements made to the core Hyvä Themes, a lot of developer documentation has been written and many compatibility modules for third party modules have been published.

Many further improvements are in the pipeline for the next release.

All Hyvä license holders have a direct line to what is happening by having access to the merge requests in gitlab.