Dunkin Hyvä Showcase

Dunkin Hyvä Showcase

How Dunkin chose Hyvä to enter the UK eCommerce market

Merchant and Magento 2 project snapshot

  • dunkin.co.uk
  • American Brand and Parent Company
  • Project of this website for the United Kingdom
  • Industry Vertical: Out-of-home Food and Beverage
  • Business model:  Out-of-Home Food and Beverage, 30 locations in the UK

Project scope and key results

  • SKUs: 4 available online, 51 available to pick up in-store combined for exploring
  • New website launch with Hyvä: Aug 21, 2023
  • Conversion up 100% (there was no option to purchase goods online previously)
  • Other website metrics, July compared to September
    • Organic traffic increased by 6.1%
    • Engagement increased:
      • CTR increased by 36% from under half of the users to over 2/3 of users
      • Time spent on the website increased by 80%
      • 30% increase in returning users (July compared to September)
    • 100% decrease in issues (based on Google Search Console) both on mobile and desktop 

From Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin

For 70 years, Dunkin Donuts has been an iconic brand for American households with over 11,000 stores in the United States. Do you know where the name comes from? The founder William Rosenberg realised that everyone loved to “dunk” their donuts in their coffees and the combination of the pastry and hot beverage kept people coming back!

As such, Rosenberg made it a mission to also offer the best quality coffee he could find.

In 2018, the rebranding to the “Dunkin” first name was a big milestone in the multi-year growth plan to transform the company into an on-the-go beverage-led brand.

In the UK, QFM group is one of the leading multi-brand Franchise businesses and this website is part of how they differentiate in the competitive landscape, using innovation and technology.

Market and Strategy

According to recent studies, the doughnut market (yes, such a segment is analysed by research institutes) is predicted to grow at around 2.6% CAGR between 2023 and 2028 vs out-of-home coffee at nearly 4%.

Both out-of-home markets are primarily driven by new retail outlets opening. One hypothesis is that the doughnut market is slowing down in Western countries where healthy eating habits are on the rise.

Another big driver for the growth of consumption of coffee at cafés or on the go is the higher demand for single-origin or specialty coffees such as your flat white, cappuccino and events led limited editions such as pumpkin spice lattes.

In the UK in 2022 brand awareness of Dunkin' Donuts is at 81%. In total, 21% of UK restaurant chain customers say they like Dunkin' Donuts. (statista.com)


From a mere catalog to a transactional online store

Before the Hyvä build, the Dunkin website was only a catalog showcasing products that could be bought in-store or via on-demand delivery services such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat.

With their first eCommerce website, Dunkin can not only drive awareness of Dunkin’s points of sale across the UK, tie in nicely with digital marketing campaigns but also start piloting the online sales channel i.e. sell direct to consumers.

The client sought help from Magebit agency to face a couple of challenges:

  • Their previous WordPress site was only used as a catalogue, so they had to build e-shop functionality for them from scratch.
  • The client requested the development of a website within a tight timeframe. They wanted to launch an MVP that includes the setup of Magento with the Hyvä theme, base branding elements (logo, colours, fonts), and integration of shipping and payment methods. The goal was to ensure a smooth purchasing experience for users.
  • The website needed to be fast and have good SEO performance.

Approach and tech stack: Hyvä for faster development and website performance 

Magebit was recommended to the client by one of the agency's previous partners, and chosen based on the commitment to develop an MVP within 1 month. Magebit delivered on their promise and the MVP was ready for launch. Unfortunately, the project launch was postponed due to unforeseen obstacles on the client's side.

The agency found solutions to additional tech challenges such as:

Dunkin UK has ambitious plans for the future. They aim to expand to multiple locations across the UK in the coming years. To support this growth, they have selected Magento as their foundation. Magebit has recommended Hyvä as a solution to rapidly build a lightweight and fast e-commerce store, providing a strong foundation for future enhancements.

Results of the Hyvä build for Dunkin UK

  • Better shopper experience: performance, page loading speed, stability
    • The Client now has a functional eCommerce store and is very happy with it
    • Faster page speed than the previous Wordpress site
    • Design that matches the world-famous Dunkin’ branding
  • More sales: traffic, conversion
    • Dunkin can now start selling online in the UK without using third-party delivery service apps.
    • Website funnel metrics July vs September:
      • Organic Traffic: increased by 6.1%
      • CTR increased by 36%, growing trend for organic traffic both impression and click-wise
      • The engagement rate increased by 38.5% => from under half of the users to over 2/3 of users now engage with the website pages
      • time spent on the website increased by 80%
      • 30% increase in returning users
  • Eradicating SEO Issues
    • 100% decrease in issues (based on Google Search Console). Since integration, no URLs have issues with page speed both on mobile and desktop
    • Previously 100% of pages had CLS issues and 4.2% had LCP issues - currently, there are no issues reported by Google Search Console.
  • A platform that has a foundation for future SEO improvements
  • Faster time to market
    • The site was MVP-ready after 1 month
  • Developers Happiness
    • Developers enjoyed working with this project because it was super light and the template was not complicated. With Hyvä light CSS, it was easy to extend the theme and make it look as per the design.
    • Luma checkout was used because there was no Hyvä Checkout available at that time. However, this could be a future improvement.

Look back on the Dunkin project and key tips your agency would give to merchants

I believe we did a great job, but if we were to build this project now, we would probably use more of Hyvä UI and Hyvä Checkout.

Development with Hyvä is fast, so be careful when you say you need the MVP ready in one month, because it might happen even sooner!

Agency’s quote

Hyvä is rapidly transforming the e-commerce landscape. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. Countless agencies have adopted Hyvä as their primary front-end choice. Google adores it, developers appreciate it, and merchants are thrilled with the outcomes it delivers. Kudos to William and his team for introducing this innovative front end. I'm proud to declare that, at least for now, our go-to for developing Magento/Adobe sites is Hyvä.

Kristaps Rjabovs
Managing Director - Magebit.com
Kristaps Rjabovs - Managing Director - Magebit.com

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