Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food - Hyvä Showcase

Ivel Valley Wild Bird Food - Hyvä Showcase

A website with wings, powered by Hyvä and Aware Digital

A 330% page speed increase, sub 1.5 second load times, and a 68.12% boost in revenue.

Based on a thriving family farm in beautiful Bedfordshire, Ivel Valley lovingly supplies an ever-growing range of homemade suet treats and carefully formulated bird seed mixes to customers across the UK. Having teamed up with an expert ornithologist, Ivel Valley offers a complete solution for attracting birds into your garden and feeding hungry beaks with nutritious and delicious foods, with a focus on sustainability and minimising waste.

A true leader in the industry, Ivel Valley had an outdated website running on a basic theme that provided a poor user experience. Their goal was to overhaul their online presence, upgrading them to a fresh store built on Hyvä Themes for a completely transformed user experience, better conversions and simpler store management.

Planting the seeds of a great online store

We at Hyvä are proud that Ivel Valley’s new online store is powered by us, the leading frontend for Magento delivering unrivalled mobile-first page speeds, superior development times, and incredible flexibility.

Ivel Valley’s goal with this project was to firmly position themselves as first in the pecking order - and when you use the right platform (Hyvä on Magento), anything is possible. Ivel Valley’s new store passes Core Web Vitals, delivering page loading times of sub 1.5 seconds, a 330% speed increase on the old site. Arguably the most impressive number of all? A 68.12% boost in revenue since the new store went live.

The numbers speak for themselves

  • 330% page speed increase
  • < 1.5 second load times
  • 68.12% increase in revenue

Flying high with the ultimate user experience

Aware Digital, our partner agency that rebuilt this shop, paid lots of attention to the User Experience and User Interface, working with the client to craft a site that’s a pleasure to use on every device and makes it easier than ever to browse Ivel Valley’s diverse range of bird foods, which includes straight seeds, bird seed mixes and suet food, along with bird feeders and accessories, nest boxes, wildlife supplies and more.

Start typing in the search box and you’ll instantly see dynamic product suggestions in real time, including related categories and useful pages. Select an item and discover a wealth of information including detailed product descriptions, images and reviews, along with real time stock information boosting buyer confidence. Got a question? Just type into the search box on the page and product experts will answer it.

Since many products in the range come in a huge variety of pack sizes and weights, one particular feature of the new site is the move from bundled items to configurable products - all done dynamically. We also used custom modules for better CMS control, making the user experience as good for the client as it is for the customer.

This case study was produced together with Aware Digital: A leading Adobe Commerce (Magento) UK-Based agency - delivering high performance Hyvä builds. Website: Magento Agency | Leading Hyvä agency | Award winning UK Based (awaredigital.co.uk).


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