Get a Magento store in 2 weeks with Hyvä!

Get a Magento store in 2 weeks with Hyvä!

Holiday peak season and Hyvä

November, December and January are traditionally the busiest months in ecommerce, where revenues can easily double those of other months or even make 50% of the yearly sales in industries like toys or fragrances.

For years retailers have been investing in online marketing to try and get a share of the holiday peak. The market is getting very competitive and unless they offer an amazing end-to-end experience, they don't get that many return visitors and step change in their revenues.

What if your investment brings long term value such as better SERP ranking and higher website conversion rate?

If you’re considering switching to Hyvä, now is the time! Hyvä UI allows you to quickly build a new store from scratch and immediately enjoy the benefits of Hyvä:

  • Performance. Hyvä is the best performing Magento frontend currently available;
  • Reduced development time. Hyvä saves on average 50% development and maintenance time;
  • Developer happiness. Less code means less complexity, making it a lot easier and more fun to work with.

How does it work?

Hyvä UI is a library of well-designed, super modular components that can be plugged into your Hyvä Theme by copy-and-pasting files into your project. We've spent a lot of care on a design system that is included with the library, built in Figma.

This means you can quickly build a store with prebuilt components that work out of the box with Hyvä. No need for big upfront investments or long development times: just work on design and launch your store!

Clients who switch to Hyvä experience an immediate uplift in traffic, conversion rates and revenue. Take a look at one of our case studies to see the spectacular results! Now is the time for you to benefit from Hyvä too, and be ultimately prepared for the holiday peak season. 

As time and budget allow, you can gradually add customizations to your store. The beauty of open source e-commerce like Magento  is that the options are endless! Just talk to your agency to help you design your ecommerce strategy and correspondent development plan. 

Real life example: ABPAC by Wind and Kite (to be launched soon)

Wind and Kite was approached by ABPAC, a leading supplier of packaging products to the bakery, food and catering industries with a client base across the UK and extending into Europe.

They wanted to get to market as quickly as possible, but didn’t want an overly generic website.

Hyvä Contributor Wind and Kite started with sending ABPAC the list of available Hyvä UI components and asked them which ones suited the styling they wanted most. Once ABPAC agreed, Wind and Kite implemented them promptly. They then focused on colors, fonts and minor changes to make the design more unique and fitting the client. Both ABPAC and Wind and Kite worked collaboratively on this to make sure they could adapt as they saw different parts come to the site.

Wind and Kite was able to build a new frontend theme for them within 2 weeks, even faster than they could prepare for launching their new store. They are now ahead of schedule to launch their new store before Black Friday.

In two weeks, customers can expect a website that looks great, feels branded and professional, and is super fast thanks to all that Hyvä magic. It’s a great base to continue to build on in the future once the site is live and transacting!”

James Allen-Lewis
CEO & Founder at Wind & Kite
James Allen-Lewis

Be quick as Hyvä and start today:

Choose one of the following agencies to help you quickly launch your store according to your needs and budget:

Fund your new store with Mollie Capital

Are you a Mollie client and located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or France? You can get fast tracked for financing through Mollie Capital and get quick and easy business financing without the hassle – no paperwork, no hidden fees and no ongoing interest.

Access up to 250k - but surely you won't need that much for a Hyvä store - based on your Mollie transaction volumes. 

You can use Mollie Capital any way you want, so why not use it to switch to Hyvä and reap long-term benefits from a store that brings you more traffic, better conversion and is easy and cost effective to maintain?

Repay automatically as you get paid with their flexible repayments; no upfront investment from your side needed! Contact your agency and they will get Mollie funding sorted for you.

The best part is as your incremental revenue pays off your build, you can add more possibilities as your business grows.

Make your holiday peak a Hyvä peak! 


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