Hyvä and Amasty: unlocking all the possibilities

Hyvä and Amasty: unlocking all the possibilities

Since August 2022, Amasty has been an official Hyvä technology partner. Half a year into the partnership, we decided to dig deeper into why these two companies decided to work together, and what benefits their mutual clients can enjoy and expect this year. Read on to find out!

Why did Amasty and Hyvä become partners?

Amasty is confident that Hyvä's products help their clients to unlock a whole new frontend for Magento with unmatched ease of implementation and maintenance. It's a story about proven peak performance and top-notch user experience. Hyvä sees Amasty as one of the main developers of Magento extensions, and therefore, it is key to have their extensions compatible with Hyvä as well. Amasty is also known for their versatile offer of extensions, so with Amasty, you can do anything you want with Hyvä. The more Amasty modules work with Hyvä, the more possibilities for Hyvä merchants!

What Amasty modules are Hyvä clients talking about most?

Amasty is very attentive to customer requests and they’ve already achieved compatibility with top requested modules, such as Product Labels for M2, GDPR for M2, and Google Page Speed Optimizer. Getting their extensions Hyvä-compatible was one of the requirements for this partnership, and they worked hard to obtain this! Today, they already have 32 of their extensions compatible with Hyvä!

The full up-to-date list of Hyvä-ready extensions is available here. All new requests are queued and prioritized depending on the number of inquiries per request. Curious to know what they’re working on now? Check their product roadmap to find out about upcoming compatibility updates for Hyvä! 

What benefits do Amasty customers experience in using Hyvä?

Amasty’s customers receive a comprehensive and easy go-to-market solution consisting of their extensions enriched with the Hyvä theme. From e-сommerce businesses to corporate websites, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, and wellness organizations, everyone finds it beneficial to use Hyvä-ready extensions, because it's both a cost-effective and elegant solution to their needs. In particular, Amasty's customers mention the improved performance, the simple and smooth user interface, and how happy they are with Hyvä’s continuous updates. We LOVE getting this feedback!

How will the partnership evolve in the future?

We plan to further extend the list of Amasty extensions compatible with Hyvä, continue exchanging our experience between the teams, and share customers' feedback to elicit new growth opportunities. Our partnership evolution is set to signify the era that Magento websites equal unmatched performance coupled with excellent user experience. We have only just started!

Any takeaways for our joint customers this year?

Post-pandemic years have brought way more people towards online-only shopping and created an opportunity to personalize communication with a potential customer to an unprecedented level. This trend is set to be ongoing for 2023 and we suggest diving deeper into curating your offers to specific customer niches and creating long-term value for your business. As difficulties in the current economy force us to be conscious about costs, make sure you invest in the right technology that gives you a quick ROI and answers your needs, without compromising you in any way. We wish all of our customers a very productive year!

Keen to find out more? Check hyva.io or Amasty.com!