Hyvä UI version 2.2.0

Hyvä UI version 2.2.0

Four new UI Components and accessibility updates available now with Hyvä UI version 2.2.0

The Hyvä UI team has been working on some great additions and improvements to our popular UI Component Library. Today we’re releasing four new components, and updates to the existing ones to align with the accessibility efforts set in motion with Hyvä Theme 1.3 (A11Y) release.

Hyvä UI <3 Mini Cart

You asked for it, and we listened. Hyvä UI 2.2.0 includes not one, but two Mini Carts. Version A is an update to the standard drawer functionality found in Hyvä Themes. Mix things up by adding Mini Cart B to your eCommerce project: a Pop-Over configuration accessible from the Cart icon in the header.

Hyvä UI mini cart designs

AJAX Add-to-Cart

No more page reloads with the new AJAX Add-to-Cart UI Component. Visitors are presented with a stylish notification/modal to inform them they’ve successfully added a product to their shopping cart.

Hyvä UI AJAX add to cart designs


Enhance user experience during wait times by providing visual feedback that a process is underway with the new Hyvä UI Loader Components. We're launching with two variations: a spinner and a ping animation.

Hyvä UI alternative loader animations


We’ve made updates across all Hyvä UI Components to improve accessibility. Revisited items include text contrast, button styles and even the small details like close buttons on modals and notifications.

Accessibility illustrations for Hyvä UI

Figma file

You’ll find the new components and accessibility updates in the Hyvä UI Figma file. Make sure to check out the Changelog in our documentation for a detailed overview of what’s new and improved.

Hyvä UI Figma design illustration

Aside from the public Figma design, you can also download the Component Overview PDF from our dedicated Hyvä UI product page.

Want to get started with the Hyvä UI Library? You can find the instructions to download (for Hyvä Theme licensees) in our Hyva UI - Getting Started doc.


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