Hyvä Partners

Our partner agencies play a key role in growing the Hyvä product and ecosystem. They help us drive forward our core product, support our users and evangelize Hyvä in the ecommerce ecosystem.


integer_net GmbH is our main partner and initial co-creator.

Integer_net is specialised in the development and technical support of online stores. With the e-commerce platform Magento as the foundation, integer_net help your business achieve new goals in e-commerce.

Visit the dedicated integer_net Hyvä landingpage


Elgentos assists e-commerce businesses from start to finish to create a well-functioning, user-friendly and converting webshop. All webshops are built with Magento as the back-end, sometimes combined with elements of the Laravel and React framework. This in combination with a lot of technical and creative knowledge ensures that designs and functionalities can be fully customised.


Youwe is an agency with a strong presence in the Benelux, UK, and Nordics, working for change-makers and helping organizations evolve in the digital world. Our mission is to create digital solutions for any business-critical challenge and make an impact where it matters most


People at Snowdog are a passionate community of developers, engineers, project managers and designers working at the pulse of digital technology and innovation.

Since 2006, they have been creating ground-breaking solutions for leading commerce brands - online, offline and everything in between including open-source software, kiosk solutions, mobile apps, ML recommendation systems or smart fitting rooms.

Snowdog also organizes leading e-commerce conferences, Meet Magento and Meet Commerce in 


Bemeir is a full services design and development group dedicated to providing innovative and effective technology solutions for our clients. We are highly specialized in eCommerce with a focus on Magento, and other eCommerce platforms.

No two projects are exactly the same but may share similar themes or use cases, we are able to draw upon our diverse backgrounds to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.

Aware Digital

Aware Digital is a UK Magento agency, helping brands, retailers and wholesalers to solve eCommerce problems and transforming their eCommerce, strategy and design on the Magento platform.

As a proud Hyvä partner, we provide a complete tailored solution for eCommerce growth, working with clients to help them achieve their digital goals and maximize their potential.


E-commerce is an Olympic-level sport

Cream is a leading e-commerce agency. We strengthen brands, make companies grow, and make people's lives easier. Every day we help clients to innovate and optimise, so they get more from their e-commerce strategy.

Foundation Commerce

Foundation Commerce is a development focused ecommerce agency based in Surrey, UK. We are a small team of ecommerce superheroes all with a driving passion for helping merchants grow their businesses and sell more online. We provide the technical foundation that all ecommerce businesses need to succeed.

With over 10+ years experience developing ecommerce solutions for clients we aim to partner with merchants coming on board as part of their existing team. We build long lasting relationships with all of our clients and always look to put your needs first above all else.


ZERO-1 has passion rooted in delivering enterprise-level services into the SME space. Working in Ecommerce since 2003, organic growth and stability had led to firm foundations on which we can deliver innovative solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

All senior developers hold Magento Developer, Front-End Developer or Solution Specialist (Business Practitioner) certifications.
We have constant, open dialog with many customers driving innovation and feature delivery.


Macopedia helps clients to design and develop future-proof, significant and secure digital products that are centered around users’ needs and fulfil clients’ business goals.

Space 48

Space 48 is an ecommerce agency for ambitious businesses that want to transform their commerce experience.

Technical partners


Magefan® is an eCommerce Agency of web developers gathered together in October 2015, shortly before the Magento 2 release. We are here to surprise you with our brilliant eCommerce solutions.

Our mission is to provide high-quality extensions and solutions for Magento 2 and other stores. We develop and distribute Magento 2 extensions that have been downloaded more than 1,200,000 times in 7 years!

Magefan made all of the possible extensions Hyvä Compatible. Go to their Hyvä compatible Extensions product listing for an overview of compatible modules.


Amasty is a leader in the Magento extensions market with over a decade of expertise, accumulated insights and success stories with over 120.000 businesses globally. We understand the needs of e-Commerce businesses and transform them into high-end solutions designed with an emphasis on solutions quality, customer experience and long-term value for business owners.

Amasty is actively working on making their extensions Hyvä Compatible. Go to their Hyvä compatible Extensions product listing for an overview of compatible modules. Upcoming releases can be found at the Amasty Roadmap.

For non-official compatiblity by our community, you can check our public compatibility module tracker.


Sansec is the leader in eCommerce security. Sansec helps merchants to stay ahead of hacks, digital skimming and Magecart attacks. Its technology is used by global brands, forensic investigators and law enforcement. Secure stores, happy shoppers!.


Mirasvit is one of the world’s top Magento extension providers. During their years in business, they have always paid great attention to the merchants’ needs and challenges as well as the quality of their products. This has allowed them to develop some of the best and the most cost efficient solutions on the market.

Mirasvits’ ready-to-use modules will make your business much more efficient and easier to manage. With 14 years of professional experience backing you up, you will be sure to receive an excellent value with any extension you purchase.

Mirasvit is actively working on making their extensions Hyvä Compatible. Go to their Hyvä compatible Extensions product listing for an overview of compatible modules.


Increase Revenue with aheadworks Hyvä Extensions.

Built to Improve Magento Functionality, Designed to make Businesses Stronger! We go beyond providing our clients with technical tools. We anticipate how these tools are going to be used and arrange the workflow in an intuitive way, allowing our clients to cut admin time and enjoy flawless backend experience.


Aitoc is a world-leading provider of custom solutions for Magento. It is one of the few companies that have been creating Magento extensions since the launch of the eCommerce platform.

Founded in 2001, Aitoc produced its first collection of Magento modules in 2009. Ever since it has been engaged in Magento web development.

Dolphin Web Solution

Dolphin Web Solutions is a passionate team of developers who love to work on Hyvä Theme (extension) development. With over 50 commercial Magento 2 extensions in their store, they are also a serious player on the market, with over a decade of experience. Check their overview of Hyvä Compatible Extensions.

IT Delight

IT Delight has been focused on e-commerce solutions and Magento/Magento2 development since 2012. Our unique philosophy revolves around crafting a comprehensive, scalable, all inclusive, development strategy for your business. Our services include adaption and usability studies, UI analysis, efficiency and effectiveness reports.

IT Delight works closely together with the Hyvä team on feature development. We also offer outstaffing services to several Hyvä customers, offering dedicated Hyvä/Magento specialists to collaborate on project development.


ElasticSuite helps improving user experience and boost your sales. Optimized searches relevance and e-commerce conversions are made possible with Magento Open Source "searchandising"!

The immensely popular open source ElasticSuite module is now fully compatible with Hyvä Themes. Improved faceted search, fast and smart search autocomplete and enhanced catalog filtering options are all available using the Elasticsuite compatibility module with official support from the ElasticSuite core team!


Mageworx helps merchants, agencies, and developers to create better online stores. We build sensible Magento extensions that are used on more than 40,000 stores worldwide.

Mageworx is actively working on making their extensions Hyvä Compatible. Go to our compatibility tracker for an overview of compatible modules.


Tweakwise works with your Hyvä shop! We developed our own extension that lets you easily connect your shop to Tweakwise. You can be up-and-running with Tweakwise in just 3 days!


Jajuma: From Hyvä Theme Early Adopter to inventing the term "Hyvänauts".

There's a lot of "firsts" that JaJuMa archieved with Hyvä. They were the first to offer officially supported Hyvä extensions and the first to list them on the official Magento Marketplace. Their marketplace software "JaJuMa-Market" is also the first multi-vendor solution that is compatible with Hyvä Themes.

JaJuMa is both a contributor to the Hyvä Themes Core and to our community. And the creators of our biggest fan-account: the @hyvanaut Twitterbot.

BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce provides Hyvä compatible extensions! You can find the (growing) list of extensions in their Hyvä Compatible extension listing on their website.


RedChamps develops Magento extensions from our heart, that is the reason they fit into your Magento store so perfectly. We constantly evolve our products and gain experience in creating Magento specific scalable solutions to improve the functionality of your online Magento store.


Magecomp was founded in 2014, in Bhavnagar, Gujrat. Magecomp was started with a group of friends with clear goals, a positive attitude and innovative minds. It was like some beautiful bonds turned into Business relations.

Magecomp is a leading provider of Magento extensions, services, customization and anything you can think about Magento needs.

We are happy that we have tried to always keep up with customers’ needs and provide compatible, functional, and best solutions to our customers.


OneStepCheckout is the Magento extension that increases conversion by reducing customer abandonment. Their product simplifies Magento's default checkout to make it friction-free, fully responsive, and is very easy for merchants to install, update and customize.

OneStepCheckout is a rock-solid, well documented, thoroughly tested extension that comes with legendary support. They work exclusively with checkout and conversion to always bring you the best possible checkout product on the market, in line with the evolution of the Magento ecosystem. That’s why more than 20,000 merchants globally and 200+ partners like us are trusting them


SetuBridge offers Hyvä Compatible extensions, you can find all compatible extensions on their Hyvä Theme Extension page.

With a decade of experience, we have built high-quality extensions that can help Magento based e-commerce store to enhance Marketing & promotion, Catalog management, security, checkout processing etc. While developing Magento extensions, the team takes an extra step to match all coding practices & quality standards.


MageAnts has have been offering next-generation extensions for over 7 years. They are passionate about delivering high quality extensions to their global customer base. To date they have served 1000s of merchants and offer 24/7 support.

MageAnts is actively working on making their extensions Hyvä Compatible. Go to their Hyvä compatible Extensions product listing for an overview of compatible modules.

Hosting partners


Hypernode is on a mission to diversify e-commerce by providing all webshops with a managed hosting platform (cloud and dedicated) built to fulfill their individual growth ambitions.

Hypernode is the MageReport founder, the market leader of Magento hosting in the Netherlands, and Magento Technology Partner.

Hypernode also provides the excellent hosting for hyva.io and our demo site at demo.hyva.io.


Maxcluster designs and operates scalable, fail-safe and high-performance managed web clusters for online stores and e-commerce applications. They support remote management, benchmarks, optimizations, security updates and security audits. Through a sophisticated cluster architecture and the use of Varnish, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch and Sphinx, they achieve optimal load times for online stores.

Payment partners


Mollie is a leader in the payments industry and one of the fastest-growing financial services providers in Europe, with over 130,000 customers. Founded in 2004, the firm facilitates companies of all sizes to scale and grow with fast and flexible financing and an easy-to-use suite of API’s. The best in class integrations offer a plug and play solution for merchants, improving the customers experience and their conversion. Mollie’s mission is to simplify complex financial services to become the world’s most loved financial services provider.


MultiSafepay has pioneered Europe's most personalized payments ecosystem for small to medium-sized businesses and marketplaces. More than 18,000 businesses have simplified their market expansion and freed up time to focus on innovation with MultiSafepay's end-to-end payments toolkit. Setting the bar in customer conversions and seamless integrations through cutting-edge technology, we work with merchants to offer a simple, tailored ecosystem for their payment needs.