10 things about MM23NYC we look forward to

Yes, our favorite eCommerce New York event is coming again: Meet Magento New York 2023 (MM23NYC)! This promises to be a good one: more than 500 attendees, 40 speakers and a vibrant local Magento community equal 2 days of inspiration, insights, networking and fun!

To feed into the anticipation joy, here are 10 things we look forward to about this Meet Magento event:

1. The legendary Hyvä booth

Being a silver sponsor means we get a beautiful booth at the marketplace, where we will welcome our customers, partners and those who are keen to learn more about Hyvä throughout the event! Don’t miss our special edition swag…

2. On stage: our founder Willem Wigman

“Why developers love Hyvä Theme, Checkout, UI, and…” Day 2, Technical Track  2pm.

He’ll tell you all about our newest products and features, and how Hyvä helps merchants grow. Be sure to catch this one to be fully up to date on Hyvä developments! As always, Willem has some exciting surprises in store for you…

3. The pre party organized by our friends from ShipperHQ and Vertex.

Monday Oct 9th from 7pm.

We can’t wait to kickstart the event with new and familiar faces in the city that never sleeps! Get your tickets here.

4. On stage: our US customer’s success story with Hyvä Checkout

“A B2B Merchant Story: How to Replatform Your Front-end and Checkout with the Fastest ROI Ever” Day 2, Business Track, 3.30pm

Our dear client Julia Prestia, Sale and Marketing Manager from Barr Display, will talk about how the company was one of the first to implement Hyvä Checkout and will share insights and results they were already able to gather so far.

Julia also presented at Meet Magento Florida 2023, and even though that was only 6 months ago, a lot has happened since!

5. On stage: our own John Hughes’ update about Mage-OS.

“Mage-OS - Fork It, Own It, Grow It, Better!” Day 2, Technical Track, 3pm

At Hyvä, we’re big supporters of Mage-OS - the new Association and upcoming Magento Open Source alternative distribution - so we can’t wait to hear all about the latest updates and how far the project has progressed on their roadmap. 

If you care about the Magento community, make sure to be there with us!

Meet Mage-OS in New York.

6. On stage: Volkswagen B2B merchant story 

“How Volkswagen Leveraged New B2B Functionality with Adobe Commerce for Its Entire Dealer Network” Day 1, Business Track, 2pm.

Sandra Benedicto Arbues from our partner Hiberus and our own Sanne Bolkenstein will talk about Volkswagen. This Adobe Commerce Hyvä implementation is one to look out for! They have interesting insights to share on how Hyvä works for a large enterprise client and how Hiberus handled all customizations.

7. An exciting new partnership

Be there to find out which BIG player joined the Hyvä ecosystem!

8. Talks from our friends

  • Ivan Chepurnyi - Blazingly Fast Catalog Data Streaming and Processing
  • Peter Jaap Blaakmeer - The Road to Robust Yet Flexible CI/CD Deployment Pipelines
  • Kuba Zwolinski - Increase Revenue With Building Accessible Ecommerce
  • Jo Baker / Ryan Hoerr / Mathias Schreiber - Fireside Chat: What's Up Magento?
  • Gareth James - Don't Panic: A Magento Developers Guide to Disasters
  • Ryan Hoerr / Anton Kril / Damien Retzinger - Open Source Panel
  • David Lambauer - Vibing the Mage-OS DevDocs
  • Brent Peterson / Vijay Golani - Revolutionizing the Tile Shopping Experience (Hyvä Showcase)
  • Marta Molińska - Frontline Update from Ukraine
  • Mark Shust - Does Following Best Practices Really Matter?
  • Damien Retzinger - Making Magento 1000x Faster to Build
  • Muliadi Jeo - Demystified: Is Magento Open Source Still Relevant for Business of All Size?
  • Tadhg Bowe - Surrounded by a Bunch of...
  • Idrees Butt - Choosing Magento in Today's Competitive Landscape
  • Talesh Seeparsan - Is AI Coming for My Magento Job?
  • Igor Miniailo - The Evolution of B2B Capabilities in Adobe Commerce

…the entire two-day agenda is PACKED with quality content and great speakers, it’ll be hard to choose!

9. The after party!!!

On Wednesday night, be sure to catch the entire Hyvä team on the dance floor. No better way to blow off some steam after a busy event! 

You might not see Thien-Lan on stage this year but she’ll sure help us double down on Tech partnerships and good vibes from the hallway track up to the wee hours of the after after after party!

10. The Mage-OS post-event Get Together Lunch

It ain’t over til it’s over… The day after the event is the perfect time to unwind and reflect with community members and friends. Not ready to say goodbye yet, keen to stretch it a bit longer? Join us to the Mage-OS and Friends Get Together on Thursday from 11am. Register here

Get your Meet Magento New York 2023 Tickets

If you haven’t bought your tickets already, get them now!

As a Silver sponsor, we’ve got merchant discounts for you or your clients.

Contact us to get yours.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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