Fastly and Hyvä Partnership

Fastly and Hyvä Partnership

Faster than Hyvä with Fastly’s CDN and Image Optimization

About our Guest: Nick Vale

Nick has been working with Partners for many years and loves building productive relationships with his partner colleagues. His background includes Product marketing, Partner Marketing and sales and managing the relationship with global cloud providers.
Nick Vale - Director, Partner Development, Fastly
Nick Vale
Director, Partner Development, Fastly

Who is Fastly?

Founded in the US in 2011 Fastly is a publicly listed Company (FSLY). Fastly helps people stay better connected to the things they love. Our edge cloud technology enables our customers to create great digital experiences quickly and reliably by processing, serving, and securing their applications as close to their end users as possible. Designed to take advantage of the modern internet, Fastly's platform is programmable and supports agile software development with unmatched visibility and minimal latency. This empowers developers to innovate both performance and security. Fastly's clients include many of the world's most prominent companies, including Reddit, Stripe, Pinterest, GitHub, and The New York Times.

The Fastly Edge Cloud Platform ensures your websites, applications, and services are able to scale and meet the demand of your users, are delivered securely, and as fast as possible. Our modern network is designed to give you a competitive edge with built-in security, so you can deliver content quickly and confidently.

How does Fastly benefit Magento eCommerce websites?

Network Services (Including CDN and IO) 

Fastly’s Network Services deliver more than just a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our modern architecture and infrastructure will improve the performance of your site, scale the impact of your DevOps and SecOps teams, and save you money all at the same time, with features like Image Optimization (IO) which can cut page load times to delight your visitors and improve search engine rankings — all without burdening your team and without having to invest in a costly dedicated solution.

The Fastly platform also includes Fastly Compute allowing you to build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge — without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Fastly addresses security concerns with its Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) as its the only web application firewall that can protect your websites, apps, and APIs everywhere from one unified solution. It’s so effective, almost 90% of customers use it in blocking mode. 

Fastly’s Observability products help you track and ensure the health of your applications to meet your business objectives by diagnosing issues to maintain uptime and performance.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are testimonials from our agencies and technology partners

What does the Magento ecosystem say about Fastly

UK eCommerce Agency

It’s now proven that your conversion rate is linked directly to how fast the pages of your website load. Fastly is a fantastic page speed optimisation solution for merchants on Magento to supercharge the frontend performance of their websites and boost conversion rates. We've used Fastly on a number of projects now and the results are extremely impressive. 

Fastly is part of the tech stack that we've used on Citizen Watch UK where page speeds are below 1 second and the website passes all of Google's Core Web Vital Assessments. In the past 12 months we've been able to more than double the revenue generated by the clients website and Fastly has contributed to this success with its range of performance optimisation tools. 

As an agency, we highly recommend Fastly to any Magento merchants who are serious about providing their customers with exceptional page speed performance and increasing conversion rates on their website.

Ryan Copeland
Director and Founder at Foundation Commerce, an Adobe Solution Partner
Ryan Copeland - Foundation Commerce

Hosting Company 

The partnership between Fastly and Hyvä is a testament to the power of best-of-breed solutions joining forces to create unparalleled value. This collaboration embodies the ethos of delivering exceptional value and resonates with the market's move towards an unbundled approach, allowing retailers and brands the flexibility to choose robust, integrated solutions. The ease and readiness with which these two have integrated demonstrate a shared dedication to reducing effort for merchants, making their lives easier. This partnership enhances a mindset from both parties of delivering more value with less, which resonates exceptionally well with Akoova's K-Working methodology, where clients take centre stage. It's partnerships like these that enhance the eCommerce ecosystem, providing better choices for retailers and brands.

Osvaldo Spadano
CEO, Akoova
Osvaldo Spadano - Akoova

Magento Merchant 

Thanks to Fastly, page load times became significantly faster, while creating a 20 percent boost in Average Order Value. 


Why is Hyvä Partnering up with Fastly?

We are Speed

Since its inception, Hyvä’s raison d’être has been to maximise your website’s performance and loading speed with the aim that your store passes Core Web Vitals and improves its ranking in Google SERP. As a result, merchants get more traffic and improve their online sales conversion which combine into more revenues.

With Fastly, you can go the extra mile and further reduce your page loading speed even when:

  • you’re experiencing traffic peaks due to advertising campaigns or time-sensitive offers
  • your brand requires heavy usage of rich content like high-resolution images on your website

Indeed a recent Total Economic Impact Of Fastly Network Services Report from Forrester was able to demonstrate how using Fastly could increase a company's online traffic by 30% over 3 years and see a 10% gain in conversions compared to its previous solution.

We make it cost-effective

The way Hyvä is coded using modern technology makes it much easier and faster for developers and agencies to build eCommerce sites. Not only are development hours drastically reduced, but maintenance and server costs also go down as shown in our Megadental Case Study.

Similarly, with Fastly, for each $1 you spend, you gain $1 due to increased traffic and conversions but you also save $1 due to Fastly’s ability to reduce costs and improve operational productivity.

Developers love us

As a matter of fact, both Hyvä’s and Fastly’s company values align a lot! Trustworthiness, good people, transparency, integrity are things we are experiencing when collaborating with the UK and US Fastly teams.

We are huge fans and supporters of Open Source, enabling everyone to build in a fun, inclusive and collaborative way and both our companies are acclaimed for the quality of their support and their technology.

It didn't take long for the Fastly team to ensure compatibility with Hyvä Theme, and many Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce stores are already seeing the power of our partnership, including Citizen Watch or Audiotechnica.

Get ahead of the curve and join them with our exclusive offer.

Exclusive Offer from Fastly for Hyvä clients, customers and friends

Buy 14 Months of Content Delivery Network + Image Optimization and Get 2 Months Free

Fastly's Next-Gen WAF and serverless computing services can be added at extra costs. If you would like to add other options, then discuss with Fastly.

What do you need to do?

Go to the Fastly Partner Registration page, complete the form and put “Hyva and Fastly” in the “Expected volume” field.

Fastly will contact you to discuss the next steps.


Offer Terms and Conditions:

  1. If you are not already a Fastly Partner then you must sign up to be a Fastly Partner to enable your clients to benefit from the offer.
  2. The offer only applies to merchants who have not used Fastly CDN and IO yet.
  3. A Deal Registration needs to be submitted via the Fastly Partner Portal by the 31st of December 2023 and accepted by Fastly.

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