Hyvä Business Review 2023

Hyvä Business Review 2023

Look back on Hyvä 2023 company achievements and plans for 2024

As we celebrated our 3rd Birthday in November 2023, we know we were having our best year so far with a very steady organic growth. We grew by 100% year on year, and plan to double our business again in 2024.

Top KPIs as of December 2023

  • 2,200 live stores using Hyvä Themes according to BuiltWith (vs 1,000 last year and already hitting 2,750 as of March 2024!)
  • 700+ agencies who bought at least one Hyvä Theme License (+75%)
  • 800+ extensions compatible with Hyvä (+300%)
  • 12 team members (+100%)
  • 3,900+ developers on Slack (+53% and already 4,300 in March 2024!)
  • 14 Magento events supported

Adoption of Hyvä

1. Number of Hyvä live sites breakdown by country

Our top 5 countries are:

  1. the Netherlands (our home base)
  2. the United States (biggest Magento/ Adobe commerce market)
  3. Belgium (our neighbour)
  4. Germany (the biggest economy in Europe)
  5. the United Kingdom (biggest eCommerce market in Europe)

We have clients from 72 countries and all industry verticals. See all our showcases.

2. Hyvä adoption broken down by store size (based on their traffic)

In the table above, we are focusing on the top 1M stores, to eliminate demo stores, staging environments etc.

With that, we can see superior adoption among SMBs, but also within the midmarket and enterprise segment. Some recognisable global brands we serve include:

3. Hyvä ranks 31 in global eCommerce technologies

In less than 3 years, we’ve grown to a top 31 position of global eCommerce technologies on the top 1m eCommerce stores listed on BuiltWith.com, outranking Lightspeed, Drupal Commerce, Oracle Commerce, PWA Studio, CommerceTools, Sylius, Vue StoreFront, Squarespace Commerce, Spryker.

source: https://trends.builtwith.com/shop - February 7, 2023

In 2023 we launched a whole Suite of Products

A year ago, Hyvä was only a Theme. Now we have 3 additional products:

  • Hyvä Checkout: an add-on that allows merchants to decrease their checkout loading time by 13 times vs the native Magento 2 checkout (Luma) and is much easier to customise
  • Hyvä Enterprise: supporting the B2B and Commerce functionalities of Adobe Commerce including Sensei Live Search and Recommendations
  • Hyvä UI: a library of components that developers can simply copy-paste to customise their Hyvä stores into a design that looks amazing, user-friendly, on-brand without impacting the website’s performance.

Accessibility: we also made our base Theme accessible so that out-of-the-box, your website can reach high Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards, comply with the American Accessibility Act and be prepared for the new regulation being enforced from June 2025 in the European Union.

Merchants education

This year we had the resources to meet the needs of our agencies and offer marketing materials tailored for merchants with a business perspective on Hyvä rather than a technical one.

As such we created the following:

As a result, we now hear that our brand awareness is nicely spreading among merchants. Some big brands are now demanding Hyvä and are opening their RFPs only to agencies with Hyvä experience!

Community engagement

In 2023 Hyvä also supported 14 Magento events by sponsoring and/or attending:

  1. Meet Magento Florida 
  2. Meet Magento India
  3. Hyvä Meet Up Serbia
  4. Webwinkel Vakdagen Magento After Party
  5. Mage Titans Manchester
  6. Meet Magento Romania
  7. Meet Magento Brazil
  8. Meet Magento UK
  9. Unconference Netherlands
  10. Unconference Germany
  11. Meet Magento Singapore
  12. Meet Magento Indonesia
  13. Meet Magento New York
  14. Meet Magento Netherlands

In this video, Willem and Vinai get together and go down the memory lane and review month by month everything that had happened with the company including new hires, top events, product launches etc…

Technology Partners

With more commercial staff on board, we were able to activate more technology partnerships. 

The objective is to join forces to grow Magento’s market share by providing our respective customer base solutions that bring extra value to them such as:

  • Even higher page speed and web performance with Fastly
  • Less returns and friction at Checkout with ShipperHQ
  • Hundreds of Hyvä compatible extensions to boost your store’s functionalities with Amasty 

When eCommerce merchants improve their shopper experience, we all win. See all our Technology Partners.

What to expect from Hyvä in 2024?

Example of agencies happiness, picture courtesy of Younify and Develo
  • Strengthening our current products' stability, versatility and features
  • More Enterprise sales, starting with a presence at Adobe Summit
  • New Agency Partner Program
  • New website and brand evolution
  • Keep supporting and attending Events such as Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, Meet Magento Romania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil, New York…
  • Growing the Hyvä team so we can make all the above happen without compromising on quality and reliability. 
  • Operational excellence so we sustainably manage our growth, prioritise all the opportunities coming our way strategically, automate what we can to allow us to activate more of those opportunities and ultimately keep our employees, partners, merchants and the whole ecosystem happy!

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For a bootstrapped company that makes a point of not setting any external deadlines and puts employees' mental and physical well-being first, we are not doing too bad and are very happy with our tremendous growth trajectory.

This is greatly due to our whole ecosystem, all the partners helping us daily, providing feedback and contribution to make our product better and fitting eCommerce merchants needs, but also sharing the love and advocating for the Hyvä brand across the globe and spanning various merchants sizes, industry verticals and business models.


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